Coloring for Mental Health – Mental Illness Anxiety Depression PTSD

Check out this web site for free coloring pages. There is a section for art therapy for anti-stress. There are other adult pages under various categories like Zen, Egyptian, Return to Childhood, Japanese and Tattoos.

Here are a few pages from the site so you can see what they are like. I have been getting into coloring myself and I find it very relaxing. Certain kinds of designs and pictures appeal to different people so choose what you feel good looking at. Do not worry about the category or if it says it is specifically for anti-stress. What works for you personally is what is best for you.




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  1. Lie To Me
    Oct 24, 2015 @ 10:40:13

    Thank you for this suggestion. I had bought some color books already , just haven’t made the time to do them. Been home bound for a bit. Depression starting to kick in. I am seeking help through my local Veterans Outpatient clinic.



    • gentlekindness
      Oct 24, 2015 @ 21:21:28

      I have found coloring to be relaxing. It focuses my mind on the colors and choosing which colors to use. The intrusive thoughts have more trouble getting through. There are some of these kinds of coloring books on Amazon. You can look under tags of Meditation coloring book, adult coloring book, stained glass coloring book, PTSD coloring book, mendala coloring book, or even optical illusions coloring book. Once you get into this area of amazon, lots of other choices appear as suggestions that you may not have thought of and you can view those also.
      I also like zentangles and there are some free kindle books you can get or access them on amazon cloud.
      As far as finding time to do them, I always have something else going on while I am doing them, That way you do not feel like you are wasting time, I will do it while watching a movie, listening to a youtube video about something I am learning, while babysitting, and while waiting in a waiting room for a dr appt.

      Hope this helps.
      Thank you for reading,



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