Day 129: Mystic River

My grandparents lived in Connecticut. As a child I used to go to visit my grandmother in Middletown Connecticut every summer.

Starting at about the age of 11, my father used to bring me there and then come back for me in about 2 weeks.

My grandmother had a brother who was even taller than my Dad, and that was quite impressive. Towering at nearly 6 foot 7, Uncle Bernie was the only person I knew that my father looked up at.

While he was a big man, Uncle Bernie Pacholski was also very kind and gentle. I always used to remind my grandmother, Corinne Pacholski, to give Uncle Bernie a call when I was in town.

I knew he would come to pick me up and take me somewhere wondrous, like the beautiful Mystic seaport. He and his wife Virginia would rearrange their schedule to see me.

When I saw this blog post with the lovely photograph of Mystic Connecticut, I just had to reblog it for you and also to have this memory on my blog where I could enjoy it.

I have a clear recollection of Uncle Bernie holding my small hand in his huge one and pointing with his other hand to show me the boats on the water on the Mystic River.

A beautiful memory of childhood. One of the limited number I have, which makes it special.

Uncle Bernie passed away a few years ago, shortly after his wife died. I think he did not want to go on without her.

She was 10 years older than he was but I never noticed. They had a happy marriage and they were nice to be around.

I remember when my father emailed me the obituary for Virginia. I knew in my heart that Uncle Bernie would follow her soon.

I was so happy to see this beautiful photograph as I was blog surfing this evening.

A Year In Photos

“The Mystic River is a 3.4-mile-long (5.5 km) estuary in the southeast corner of the U.S. state of Connecticut. Its main tributary is Whitford Brook. It empties into Fishers Island Sound, dividing the village of Mystic between the towns of Groton and Stonington. Much of the river is tidal. The location of three large, 19th-century shipbuilding firms, Mystic River is now the home of the Mystic Seaport maritime museum. According to the Mystic River Historical Society the name Mystic, as the modern spelling has it, derives from the Pequot term “missi-tuk”, describing a large river whose waters are driven into waves by tides or wind.” (Source)

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lie To Me
    Nov 01, 2015 @ 12:13:06

    Lovely times I bet near a body of water..I love it!

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  2. Michele Anderson
    Nov 01, 2015 @ 20:44:46

    It’s so important to have those good memories. They are the sweet parts of our life and get us through the tough times of this journey.

    Liked by 1 person


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