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Haiku and Mind – Ronovanwrites Challenge

Haiku just for you

Your individual truth


Reality yours

Not the same for another

Is malleable 

Make sure it is you

That controls how you perceive

Yourself and your world

Memory shadows

Can rule you and your actions

Or you can have peace

Memories are yours

To see the way you want to

In ways they best serve

Your past is not set

The way others made you see

You create your frame

Frame your own pictures

Don’t let others tell you how

To remember pain

Change, manipulate

And create with your colors

The world that you see

Your past has no right 

To control your present self

You are who you are

4 thoughts on “Haiku and Mind – Ronovanwrites Challenge”

  1. Wow! loved what u said bout how we can see memories however they serve us best…such an important lesson…the past can ruin us or urge us forward n its up to us to choose which! Beautifully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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