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Annie’s Top Ten List – Christmas List for Santa / Top 10 list

This is my abstract Christmas list from last year. I thought I would look over it to see where alI am at on those things a year later.

It turns out that my list this year will be similar. I will write and post my new list next week.

Then next year hopefully I will have accomplished to attain some of it.

If anyone decides to write their own list, you can begin working on it.

I will offer for you to link in the comments on my “this year’s list” when I pos6 it. .
That way we can share the lists with each other.


What would I want for Christmas if I could pick anything at all?

I thought this would be a good way of thinking about things and taking inventory , if you will, of my brain.

It might be helpful for you to make a list for yourself. It will not be a list that Santa will grant for you or that you may get any of at all. But it will help you to get to know yourself a little better.

1. Peace of mind. This is a phrase which is thrown around all the time. I am sure that different people have completely different ideas of what peace of mind means to them.

When I think  of what it would be like to have peace of mind, I think of feeling calm and not having any anxiety, In order to not have anxiety, I would need to be…

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