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Holidays for People with Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety Disorder

self care

The holiday season can be very difficult for people with mental illness. Depression and anxiety can be triggered and it is hard to deal with all the happy people who are excited about the holiday planning. 

You have to take care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty to say “no” to things if it is too much for you. Everyone may not understand and some people will react to you by trying to make you feel shame or guilt.

People who try to guilt you into doing things are not the people who are the best people for you to be around, especially during the holidays. If you realize that the worst that will happen by saying no is that they will “react” to you, then you can endure that. 

People that try to get emotional reactions out of you are just manipulators. They are not on your side and doing things just to avoid disappointing them is not necessary. 

Unfortunately there are those people who will do more that just try to evoke an emotional reaction out of us. Some people will take more steps to make our lives miserable when we do not do what they ask. 

If you are dealing with someone like this then you are in a very difficult situation. Just try to minimize the amount of things you do for them and avoid what you can. 

Take breaks for yourselves and do things just because you like to do them. You can take yourself to the movies or to the local diner for hot chocolate. You can take a Netflix break and watch a funny movie or tv show. 

you are beautiful


A warm shower or bath can be very relaxing and no one can disturb you. Find ways to help yourself to feel calm and to feel like you matter. You can make your own traditions for the holidays and forget about what you “always do.” 

Doing things the same way every year is not a rule, it is just a habit. If you would be happier making changes to your usual holiday routine then do so. There is no rule that you have to be miserable or that you have to spend all your time making everyone else happy. 

People get extreme stress during the holidays because they are trying to live up to other people’s expectations or even their own expectations. Set you bar lower, so that you will not expect things to be a certain way. 

Truthfully these are just days like any other days. Society and your family has done the job of putting expectations on you. Keep in mind that a lot of it has to do with the commercial companies wanting to make money. It is a lot of hype that you are not obligated to fall into. 

The holidays should be about peace and serenity. They should be a time to calm, rest and spiritual connection. Find your peace during this season however it is the most meaningful to you.



10 thoughts on “Holidays for People with Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety Disorder”

  1. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to just take a deep breathe and not spread ourselves so thin! The holidays are the worst for that as it tends to bring up old memories and in some cases old wounds. Not worth the stress! Much easier to go with the flow and be there for the people that truly matter in your life. Personally, sometimes I think social media creates more stress around this time because many people on facebook, twitter etc like to portray a “perfect life” of sorts…and then we feel bad about ourselves because that image seems unattainable to us…sorry for the babble but yeah…just do what’s best for YOU! 🙂 ❤

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    1. I agree with you about the social media. Facebook and the others can create more stress to people who do not want to read about other people’s perfect lives with their loving families. I am happy for those people and very glad that they do not understand having an abusive family that undermines you, but it is just like having it rubbed into your face.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

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      1. You’re most welcome and I so get it lol I’m bombared with wedding photos, baby photos….look at me on vacation photos oh and here’s a million pics of my dog or cat…or both lol and I’m like oh yeah…cool beans….going to go cry now lol

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  2. I liked these line – “The holidays should be about peace and serenity. They should be a time to calm, rest and spiritual connection. Find your peace during this season however it is the most meaningful to you.” Thank you so much for posting such great stuff. Following your blog now. I intend to keep coming back. 🙂

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  3. This gave me chills! I am away from my family. I moved out of state so I get pretty down around the holidays. And who knows where my moods will take me!

    You have filled me with a nice warm feeling though. Thank your for your post I truly appreciate it.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. We can do something nice on here during the holidays to open a safe space for connecting about our feelings. I will set something up for thanksgiving and then again on christmas on my blog.

      I am not quite sure exactly how to do it but i want to make a way for people to connect about their feelings on the holidays. Maybe I can have people write their own posts and post them on their blog …and then send the links to my holiday post in the comments.

      Something like that so that no one gets lost and feels like there is no one to talk to. Kind of like the way some people do a blog party but it would be more of a group therapeutic conversation throughout the day .

      Stay in touch and check my posts for an announcement. If you have any ideas I am open to them about this.

      Annie ❤

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  4. I felt as if you were talking directly to me about a family situation that is coming up in exactly one month. I don’t want to go to this function for I’d be around many people that I don’t know; however, the majority of them would know I’m “the crazy one with schizophrenia who killed her son.” I wouldn’t want the nervous glances or the pity that could easily arise from such a situation; however, my family loves to give guilt trips and be “disappointed” in me…

    Thanks so much for writing this. I am so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. For example, this year I am refusing to send out Christmas cards-to much work plus it pulls away from the spiritual meaning of Christmas. Your post reminds me of one I recently put up on my blog called “STOP the MADNESS”…let me know if you like it.

    Thanks once again and thanks for liking my blog. Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY — YOUR WAY!
    Hugs, LaVancia


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