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Bullying from Your Boss

narcissistic bosses

13 thoughts on “Bullying from Your Boss”

    1. I had experiences with this at jobs in the medical profession , especially when i worked with mostly women. There is something about me that makes them target me. I tend to come into a job wanting to be creative and I love trying new ideas that will benefit the patients.

      What happens is that the main boss will love my ideas and then I get attention. I do not do it for this reason, I just love the dementia residents and I find that kind of work rewarding. I love to do music and art with them. I even spent my own time and money to bring things in for them to do.

      But then….a couple of women get mad because they hate that I am doing anything different than just making the poor residents sit in front of the tv for 6 hours. Then they report lies about me etc….It is so sad because I end up giving up on doing things that are good for the patients….Who loses?

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      1. Jealousy/Envy can be devastating…..almost always destructive. One has to persist in doing what is ‘right’ and for the ‘greater good’. Hugs! ❤


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I have dealt with being the target of narcissistic female bosses. It made me hate going to work at a job that I loved.

      I loved working with the dementia patients and thinking of ideas to help them but a few of the bitchy women tormented and harassed me.

      I had some incidents of them reporting me that I was not doing my job…when the truth is I did way more work than they did and brought in new ideas.

      They do not like changes in the status quo so I must have been a threat bringing in creative ideas. In the end the patients lose too….because I was unable to continue doing activities with them.

      So they just sat staring at the tv for 5 hours at a time….so sad

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      1. Well I worked at a seemingly had their crap together place where the bosses did not know who was going where, that we started w breakfast at 7 with no food, then a small guy and three women all nasty. All were racists, sad but true and 2 of my friends were listed as captains like myself, did our jobs, took control of the slackers knowing the boss was watching and when the smurf like guy and has small entourage said I am nothing I said excuse me while I call your bosses boss. I got him kicked out when he thought I was kicked out. I was more fortunate than my friends being called racial slurs by kids. All things being equal though my day job was horrific with a neanderthal boss on every drug known to man, an IQ less than my dog and the inability to not multi task and even remember things you told him or he told you, so I always recorded stuff in case he gave me a tude. I am just glad in both instances I left instead of hurting people but the other day I knew ppl would get hurt by the idiot who said who told you that you are a bartender, when I introduced myself as not a temp but basically a mercenary and the only person hired to tend bar and he said stfu I am the Captain and you are Gilligan. Between him and some kid I almost hurt them both. Icing 1800 bottles of beer 3 hours in advance leads to problems and for pointing it out I got kicked out. But 9 people got hurt, 3 in the hospital and water spilling all over caused a blackout on that floor and a fire alert. But me doing this 1000s of times and being dissed was OK by the client who was told by the boss and the bosses boss that I did my job and had others do theirs while people goofed off. So do not feel so bad.


      2. It is hard to work for a boss with an IQ less than your pet. LOL I had one like that once . He used to talk on the pay phone at the front of the store all shift, even if the lines at the registers were getting too long. He put cigarettes out on the floor for 8 hours and made us sweep them up at the end of the shift.

        This was back in 1985 when you could smoke indoors. But there was never an etiquette rule that said it was okay to put cigarettes out on the floor inside of a store. He was so ridiculous. A customer was complaining to me once about the line being long. and he asked me to get the manager. I pointed to the manager who was on the pay phone talking to his girlfriends.

        I told the guy to Please DO go get the manager. I am drowning here and he is just talking on the phone. The customer looked at me in disbelief and said That cannot be the manager. I told him to go and ask him. I don’t think he bothered.

        Some people are selfish jerks and the rest of us end up doing their work for them. Then they have the nerve to report us for stupid things or stuff they make up.

        Thank you for sharing your story and taking the time to connect,

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      3. You’re welcome Annie and Thank you for sharing. I have had some pieces of work that I have worked for and some go back from a similar time frame. 🙂


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