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“You say you want a… what?”

I love this song by the Beatles. I love the Beatles , The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton and Cream. I also love Jethro Tull and Jefferson Airplane. It has been a while since I listened to this music. I love the music but some of it triggers bad memories or emotional flashbacks. It is sad to have songs ruined by your own brain
Anyway,,I thought I would share that.
I saw Eric Clapton in a concert about 19 years ago when he did the All Blues tour, It was really great.

Graeme Sandford

You say you ‘want a revolution!’

But, I ask you, which one?
Glorious Revolution;
French Revolution;
Agricultural or industrial revolution?
“Those are all old hat!” you say.
“You want an old hat do you?”
You say you want a revolution; but, could you be a little bit more specific please?

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1 thought on ““You say you want a… what?””

  1. Ha! I know that feeling too. I have a hard time listening to old music for that very reason. It has carved a groove in my brain as to where I was, what was happening and immediately, I’m back there. Good point, Clapton is still good though with all his new work!

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