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Thanksgiving Blog Meet-Up for My Followers

I am thinking of doing something on the holidays,  here on the blog, for people who find the holidays difficult.

There are many people who read my blog who need some extra support to get through the holidays.

I have seen other bloggers do blog parties where people connect through their blog throughout the day. I was thinking of a “holiday connection day” kind of idea…not so much a party but more like a get-together.

I have nevet done this kind of thing before so if you have any ideas let me know in the comments below.

I want people to have somewhere to connect with me and with each other, in order to be able to talk to other people who understand how difficult the holidays can be.






9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Blog Meet-Up for My Followers”

    1. How about a “Blogger’s Meet & Greet Lovingkindness” facebook page? You could chat with people, more than just one and your followers could converse via being “friends” with you…you would have to open one up quickly though, Thanksgiving is almost here. I for one, will be home alone with my cat and would love to meet new people via the internet…hope you like the idea…LaVancia

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      1. Thank you for this idea. I will try to find out more about this. I do not use facebook very often so I am not familiar with how to do things on there but maybe I can learn.


      2. I am not too familiar with it either; however, I am sure they have a great support system…I got to go shop and maybe later tonight will do a little research myself because I’ve been thinking of setting up a different facebook account just for my book, once it’s done. Hopefully, it won’t take you that long, if you learned wordpress, you should be able to learn facebook…good luck! LaVancia

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