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I remember your laugh

And your long,  rock-star hair

That I used to run my fingers through

And wrap the loops of your curls

Around my fingers with gentle care

It was like a multi-sensory high

Just being with you

Your hands carressed my 20 year old skin

You made me promises I didn’t think you could keep

I left because I thought I could find

Someone who was better than perfect

At 20 I wasn’t so good at figuring

These kinds of things

And now it has been 25 years

And I have met men, loved them,

Married them, dated them,

Been destroyed by them…

And gathered myself in pieces

Up from the dust where they left me

Without ever looking back…

But in two decades of loving and losing

Being a friend and hoping for better

I have never found anyone

That was the kind of best friend you were

Unconditionally accepting me

No matter what I shared

Or anyone that

Lit the passion’s fire quite so high

I have never replaced you

I don’t know why I thought I could

Twenty or so years later

I wish I had not left you

But if I had stayed I never would have

Known just what I had

Time and age can teach lessons

That we can never go back

And fix

But you will always be in my heart

And that has to be enough

7 thoughts on “Enough”

    1. I was with him for 4 years, until I was 22. He called me a few years ago because he wanted to see me when he was in town visiting his parents.

      He did come to my house to visit. I made him dinner.

      Our timing was unfortunate. He was unattached and we might have gotten back together except that I had just started a relationship …2 weeks…which I later regretted.

      Then by the time I was unattached he was invloved with someone.

      In the back of my mind it might be why I have kept to myself for the last 8 months. I would hate miss a window by 2 weeks again.


    1. Thank you. Something made me think of him last night. It must be the holidays.
      He always used to make a point to make the holidays special for me. He was romantic and sweet….and very masculine and good looking.
      I have never found anyone to compare…maybe someday…❤

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