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Eating Disorders and the Holidays

If you have an eating disorder I know the holidays can be a very difficult time for you. People do not always understand, and there is so much pressure about eating and food.

You need to prioritize your own mental health and well being. An eating disorder has deep psychological roots and it also has an important health element. It is important to take care of your mental wellness or you could end up becoming physical unwell too.

You have the right to set boundaries about going to holiday events. Some things might be better not to attend, and others you can go to but there need to be certain ground rules for you and others.

If people are not willing to be understanding about your disorder then you have a right not to comply with those people. You have the right to prioritize your mental health and your physical health.

Take care of yourself and do internal checks in your mind to make sure how you are feeling. There is no need for extra suffering for you. You do not have to let people emotionally manipulate you about anything. ‘

Remember that other adults are responsible for their feelings and reactions. People should accept “no” for an answer when you feel like it is in your best interest to say “no.”

Blessings for a happy and peaceful holiday season. You  have a right to be happy 🙂

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