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Welcome to Our Little Get Together


Good Morning.This is a scheduled post because I wanted something up before I woke up. Many of you are awake in the morning before I am. I have a late night insomniac kind of schedule , but I wanted to get things started. 

I would love it if you want to let me know what you have planned for today, whether it means you are staying home to watch Netflix alone or if you are going to be dealing with lots of people. 

You can leave your plans in the comments section or you can write a post and put the link here. We can all connect in and out throughout the day. If anyone is having a particularly difficult time then you can connect with us here. 

This is where we begin. I will check your comments when I wake up. Good morning  to all. Happy Thanksgiving Day or Happy GentleKindness Blog Meet up Day, whichever makes you feel good. 

Talk to you soon, 

Annie ❤


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Little Get Together”

    1. Talking to people online can be better than the talking to people that live near you. You are stuck with who is around you. At least on here you can find people that you like to talk to 🙂
      Hope you are entertaining yourself and having a peaceful day.
      I will be on here on and off all day. My younger daughter was my biggest worry for the day and that seems to be all good.
      I am watching White Collar because I think the main actor is very adorable.
      I have the cell phone to the side of the laptop so that when I hear his voice I can peak over and take a look at those beautiful eyes…and what not…..


  1. Got the pumpkin bread in the oven and am praying it doesn’t burn. It is starting to make the whole apartment smell good as well as increasing the temperature. So I have some windows open now. I am thankful that there is a 100% chance of rain today. I love the rain and my cat loves to watch the festive birds in the morning from the window ledge…

    I might watch a movie–got one from a classmate at the mental health center called “Druids”. I could watch something with my free Amazon prime trial like the 3rd movie of the Hunger Games. I’ve only seen the first two…but knowing me, I will most likely be blogging until its time to cook.

    If the rain has stopped, I have a neighbor that plans to come over and share the meal with me; if not, I have another neighbor, an elderly lady, that I think has no one, so I’m going to take her a plate…and give her some pumpkin bread.

    All for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

    ps: I know the true story of Thanksgiving and the greedy people who killed many Native Americans and basically stole the land from them instead of sharing it like the Native’s were willing to do. So I do NOT celebrate that at all–for I once was in love with a Native American. I do; however, believe in being thankful and grateful-especially towards others, but most importantly to God.
    Hugs, LaVancia

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    1. I do not like turkey very much. I prefer chicken because turkey is dry. The dinner I had was not great. I cannot make the dinner because of where I live but if I were making the dinner it would be ham ir chicken . One year I made a pasta dish which was stuffed shells and some people loved it.

      Thank you for joining us. You are welcome here whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not. In the US we have something called Black Friday which is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is a terrible , barbaric tradition of people basically fighting each other for buying things on sale.

      In past years there have been injuries and even deaths. So I am not so proud to associate myself with this country about these things, They celebrate thankfulness today and then tomorrow they will get aggressive and even violent with each other just to get the best christmas presents.

      Anyway thank you for joining us from Malaysia !!

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  2. Going to make pumpkin pancakes, dips, shrimp and cocktail sauce, wine, watch the Matrix movies with my dogs and possibly exercise and work on a painting. A perfect day, for which I am thankful. Hope you have a wonderful day as well Annie.

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    1. Shrimp cocktail and sauce sounds wonderful ! The matrix movies are really good. The red pill reference comes from that movie. People now use it to refer to the moment people realize they were with a narcissist. You probably already know that. It is interesting to go back and watch that red pill moment from the movie. I remember when I had that moment in real life…there was one initial realization and then a series of other Aha moments.
      Thank you for joining us !

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      1. I hope your day was great! I found the Matrix a little too violent for my tastes but did like that scene with the red pill. I thought the movie lacked love, a lot of love. That is actually what I think the matrix is all about, love. I find the actual spiritual community pretty small and was surprised at the success of the movie, but now I get why, high body count and really no message of higher love that is definable.


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