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Who are You Spending Thanksgiving With

This is where we can let each other know who we are spending time with today, either out of choice or under duress. 

If you are spending the holidays alone. that is okay. You do not have to feel alone. Check in with us here and let us know what you are doing. Netflix can be better company than a lot of people I know. 

I live with 13 other people in the house that is owned by the parents of my ex husband. His parents live here and he also lives here on a different floor than the kids and I live on. 

I am on the top floor which is kind of like an attic with slanted places in the ceiling and closets that are for elves. I have a shower but it does not work so I use the one that is one floor below me.

My two daughters are usually with me on the holidays and today I was missing the older one. My 18 year old daughter went to help at a soup kitchen to serve food. That is great that she has compassion and I was pleasantly surprised to find out she was doing that.

The 12 year old actually did very well at dinner. The anxiety she had been anticipating and talking about in therapy seems to have been more worrying ahead of time than it actually was. Or maybe the therapy was helpful in her dealing with the relatives today.

She is still downstairs but I made a run for it after dinner. I probably should have stayed to help clean up but there are always twists and turns to their conversation and I end up on the losing end of things, so I bailed as soon as possible.

My ex husband is probably in his room now. He and I are thinking of taking our daughters to the movies later on today. but it might have to be tomorrow due to the older daughter being out.

My ex brother in law took my older daughter to the soup kitchen so he was not here for dinner. My guess is that he strategically arranged to avoid his parents and made a great excuse by taking her to the charity thing.

His wife was here with the kids. The two of them live in the lowest floor of the house , which is actually one of the nicest areas of the house. They have 6 children, including the little baby who I enjoyed holding just before I came up here.

One of their daughters, my niece who is 15, wanted to escape the room and grabbed me to go look at something with her. I helped her to make a break for it by going along with her needing to show me something. We left quickly to go see it and then we never went back. 

So I was able to get her out right after we ate. She is a very cool kid and very introverted. With the extra guests at dinner (4 adults and 1 child) there were way too many people for any self respecting introvert to want to be in the same room with for too long. 

So now I am up in my attic talking to all of you. The food at dinner was surprisingly bad. And the conversation was wildly inappropriate by my standards for holiday dinner conversation. 

The guests are friends from church of my ex in laws. It was bad when the conversation turned to what kinds of gross things are on our drinking water. It got worse when the man started theorizing about drug addicts going to the bathroom and the city recycling the same water the drug addicts pee and poop their drugs into and then we drink it. 

Then it got worse when for some god awful reason they started talking about women and childbirth. I do not want to hear about cervix dilation and what not at the dinner table. 

So I was trying to eat the food while listening about how I have to drink the water that people pee in and then pass their drugs and any hormones they are taking into. I realize that this is all crazy but it still is annoying at dinner. 

So now you see why my niece and I made a run for it. ..I was not being rude.

SO how is your day going??????

7 thoughts on “Who are You Spending Thanksgiving With”

  1. Oh the talk of drug addicts’ piss in your drinking water…LOL! Thanks for the visual. I’ve already eaten, but dishes are still on “Soak”. I had a friend over. I did all the cooking and supplied all the food. I tried something different: I had a large can of yams in “light syrup” and thought if I mash them up like mashed potatoes, add a bit of butter and brown sugar, it should turn out like the dish my mom makes, only without marshmallows on top.

    First decision: exactly how much of the “light syrup” am I to drain? I figured maybe 30%, so then I poured the remaining yams and syrup in a large glass bowl and had my friend start with the mashing as I was working on the stuffing. Well, when I returned to the table, it looked like some baby s**t for it had too much syrup.

    I said, well let me see what can we put in it to thicken it up? Hmmmm.

    Quick oatmeal!

    So I put some in the bowl.

    …and it was too much.

    So I added a bit of water and then it dawned on me that I had forgotten to put any butter in it. So I got the other half of the stick butter left from the stuffing mix and we put that in there. I thought okay, lets zap it with the microwave…


    Not quite thick enough. One more minute….


    Looked like oatmeal flavored with yams. So how did it taste? First of all, I never was crazy about yams and secondly it needed sweetener for I guess the “light syrup” was really light…

    Anyways, I covered the bowl and set it in the fridge.

    Anybody care to try it?

    I’m going to call it Ya’oats by LaVancia

    (sorry no recipes to hand out)…

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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