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Darkness Creeps In

This is a great read and a reminder of using common sense about how much information you post publicly.

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The Creep sits alone in his dark apartment. The windows are shut and the shades drawn closed. The stifling heat is thick with the smell of cigarettes and perspiration. Darkness surrounds him, conceals him – just the way he likes it. The only light in the room comes from his smartphone and the tip of one of his endless cigarettes. Rage permeates the air. He clicks on his “Find Women Nearby” app and no less than 20, model beautiful, selfie obsessed, fools pop up on Google Maps. Their ignorance infuriates him. Every photo you take, every status you post, every single place you ‘Check-In’ alerts EVERYONE of your location – your exact location. GPS and vanity. It’s all so easy now. Hunting from the convenience of your own home.

The Creep locks in on one woman in particular on the map. She has short, blond, spiky hair. Tan skin and…

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3 thoughts on “Darkness Creeps In”

    1. It is good to know about these smart phone apps. I had an ex that stalked me on my computer. He bought a program that made him able to see everytime I was online and exactly what web sites I went to.

      It took me a while to figure out what was happening. He used to call me a ask questions about what I was doing at certain sites. I could not understand how he knew.

      He used to make up lies about how he happened to come across my profile.
      But finally he called me within 30 seconds of going to a web site. It was a Christian dating site and I did not believe him that he would make an account there because he was not Christian.

      He finally admitted that he could see what I was doing on my computer from his house.

      He said it was attached to anything I did using my email address.
      It was very scary. I had to change my email address, user names and passwords on all of my accounts.


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