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Fight or Flight – Narcissistic Abuse / Domestic Abuse

3 thoughts on “Fight or Flight – Narcissistic Abuse / Domestic Abuse”

  1. That was some good stuff, highly educational. I would like to learn more about cortisol and its’ long-term effects. Not to criticize, but I was distracted by the reflection in your glasses.

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    1. I agree, these glasses are terrible for making videos. If I were not so blind without them, I would take them off. The anti-glare was an extra 90 dollars to add and I could not afford it. I think this place that my insurance lets me get glasses at charges more for anti-glare than other places. I do remember paying that much at walmart, when I got glasses there.

      I might be better off to just pay for the glasses out of pocket at walmart next time. When I get the tax refund in Feb or March I will get new glasses that have the anti-glare. There is no placement of the lighting that works. I tried a variety of combinations with the lighting in my room. Then I changed the lighting on the video after I made it, using the youtube effects tools. It still did not fix it sufficiently.

      But for now I have to use these glasses. I do have 2 other pairs. One of them is an old prescription that I have trouble seeing the computer screen with. The other pair I can see out of but one of the sides broke off because they are old. They were my favorite pair…they were cool colors of purple and pink. I loved those….

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