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YouTube Channel

Visit my YouTube Channel for videos about healing from narcissistic abuse, domestic abuse, narcissism, and psychological abuse and overcoming abuse.

You are not alone. Living with a narcissist can make you feel like you are crazy. Mental abuse can cause psychological, emotional, cognitive, functional, and physical symptoms. 

The mind and the body are connected.

Abuse is all encompassing.

It takes time to heal and people that have not lived thought this kind of abuse will have trouble understanding. They will not understand why it is taking you so long to just get over it.

Connect with other people who have been through this. Validation is key to  healing from abuse. Mental abuse can have effects that are just as devastating as physical abuse. 

Living in an abusive relationships can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD , avoidant personality, derealization disorder, and in some cases suicidal thoughts. 

Learn how to identify abusive personalities and avoid abuse in the future.

Discover techniques for resisting attempts to emotionally manipulate you. 

For a one-on-one coaching visit  gentlekindnesscoaching.com

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