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Bunnies !

I love bunnies so much and I would love to have more. For now I can only have the one bunny due to my living situation. But this video made me want to get a white baby bunny.

I wonder what my bunny  would think about the new one? I think he would be a little jealous but then he would like it. Sometimes when I am blogging, my bunny hops up and sits my keyboard so that I have to stop typing and pay attention to him. So funny !


11 thoughts on “Bunnies !”

    1. Yes I am a crazy bunny lady ! My bunny is great company. I never really understood how pets could actually keep you company until I had this bunny.
      I agree about the unconditional love. The pets do not judge you or not pick at you like people do. There is something special about a relationship with a sweet animal that loves you unconditionally. I am glad you have your cat to give you unconditional love. We all need to feel loved and these little beings can be very loving.

      Thank you for reading and sharing. Nice to have to stop by.



  1. ❤ Awwwwwwww! So cute 😆
    Lucky though to have even one bunny (no offense 😉 ) I can't have any animals with fur or feathers 'cos 2 of my family members are allergic! Sometimes fish are no fun at all


    1. Yes I understand about fun sucking relatives. I live with my ex in laws, in the attic of their house. They are good at trying to make sure I am miserable. I have to keep the bunny outside for most of the day until whatever time I can get permission from my father in law to be allowed to being him inside. When I first got the cage I ordered for the bunny, my father in law intercepted it before I could see it. He nailed it to a table outside so that I could not have it.
      I had to order another cage for inside which was very hard because I barely afforded the first cage.

      Then he gave some story about pets in the house and not wanting a rodent. But the previous owners had a dog up here in the attic and my brother in law has a huge dog that is in the main areas of the house all the time. So the pets rule is fiction just to make me comply to leaving the bunny where I cannot cuddle him for most of the day.
      Very sad when people live to be controlling over you. But one day you and I will both live in a different place and we will have a few pets. I hope you can have pets to cuddle and that you end up living with people that let you be yourself and freely express your true self.

      Much love,

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      1. 😦 I am so sad for you 😥
        My case is slightly different… My mum (whose allergic along with a cousin) ❤ loves bunnies so does everyone else. But when later in the future … 😀 There maybe luck for you!

        With concern and love,


      2. Thank you for your kindness. It really does make a difference to know that people care and also that people can see my perspective on the situation. When you live with people like this, the family targets you and makes you feel the weird one…the difficult one…the uncooperative one..or the crazy one…
        They do not validate your perspective.
        Thank you for being kind enough to comment. I am heading over to visit your blog now. Thank you for reading my blog too.
        Annie ❤

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    1. Yes me too! I love my bunny and all bunnies. My bunny is so smart and funny. He rings his bell if he wants food. But sometimes he rings even when he has food, and when I go there he puts his head our for me to cuddle him. They are very sociable. More than people think.

      Much love,
      Annie ❤

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