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Devaluation Phase of Narcissistic and Domestic Abue

2 thoughts on “Devaluation Phase of Narcissistic and Domestic Abue”

  1. Wow, Annie, there are so many things I want to say. First I was thinking that you were spying on my life. Then I remembered that it’s not always about me! There are many, many other victims and we mostly had similar experiences. Also, I’m so glad that you used the word VICTIM. I know it wasn’t my fault that the narcissist treated me badly. I was a victim, now a survivor, but technically a victim. I find that word comforting. You really zinged me with “I know I can heal him because I love him so much.” and the villain is thinking “I never intended to stay in this relationship and it’s so taxing.” Ouch! That’s the main point, isn’t it? I had to face my denial and admit that he NEVER loved me and he NEVER meant to stay with me and he did purposely try to drive me insane. It seems so unreal. Great video!!!!!!


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