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Retreating to the Bed During Depression

The desire to set up camp in your bed often goes along with depression.

Some people wonder if they are depressed or if they have an actual “disorder” of depression. A disorder is just what it sounds like. Your life has become disorderly…unmanageable.

You want to do things like set up camp in the bed.  and only come out of bed for necessities. The bed is familiar thus the brain perceives it as safe.

Your brain wants to keep you safe. Your subconscious brain leads you away from anything it associates with pain or danger. This could be any kind of danger incuding emotional trauma.

If you have mental illness then there are some things that are a threat to you but would not be a threat to other people. For example, if you have a severe anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD then going out to the mall can be riddled with possible threats.

An uncontrollable environment like a store, or driving in holiday traffic, can be triggering to those associations in your brain.

There are images, feelings and emotions associated with the sights, sounds and situations all around you. It feels safer in the bed, because it is a more controlled environment.

The holiday season makes it harder to go out and deal with the uncontrollable, unpredictable environments like the crowded stores.

The fear center of the brain is on high alert. It may even become too much to be in fight or flight mode and then your brain may throw you into a derealization/ depersonalization state.

This is that detached from reality state. You float through the motions as if you are watching a movie or you are in a dream. Your brain has become so overloaded with pain that it pulls your conscious state away from reality

The bed can feel like the only safe environment to be in. It is comforting and it is your personal space.

You are not alone if you ten to retreat to your bed when you are experiencing depression or severe anxiety. I have done it many times.

If you are stuck in the bed now, take time to get some nutritious food to eat. Just think about the food groups and eat a little something from each one.

The nutrition is critical for your brain function snd your physical strength. Your immune system needs to be supported by foods and perhaps vitamin supplements.

Be compassionate with yourself. You do not have to be judgemental of yourself. The inner tapes of negative thoughts about yourself were put there by others.

Show kindness to yourself. Offer self love and acceptance. The holiday season is very difficult for people with mental illness.


7 thoughts on “Retreating to the Bed During Depression”

    1. You are welcome for my kindness. Your message made me feel good. It is nice to connect with other people that understand what this is like. If you have been in the bed then you need to rest for a while. We cannot keep pushing forward and ignore the messages that our brains and bodies are trying to tell us.
      Just to let you know, I am taking some people for a free NLP Hypnosis session. I am have developed an adaptation for PTSD and C-PTSD using the NLP hypnosis techniques and methods.

      I have 7 spaces still open for free sessions. I want people to experience this and then give me some feedback, so that I can get more ideas about how good my method is and if there are any suggestions. If you want to do this please feel free to contact me through my web site or directly at…Just remind me in your message that you are from wordpress and that I offered you the free session.

      Once I finish with getting all the feedback I want, then the sessions will be 40 dollars each, so you would be getting 40 dollars worth of service for free, in exchange for feedback and maybe a positive comment on my youtube channel about the NLP hypnosis.

      I hope you feel better soon. You can also email me to ask any questions about the NLP or about the coaching.
      Much love,
      Annie ❤

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  1. Yes, the bed is indeed a safe, warm and cozy place.
    I was tempted to stay safe inside mine this morning but I forced myself out, got dressed and off to church within 15 minutes and I was glad I did.
    That’s how it is sometimes….
    I hide in my bed..

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