Hoovering Techniques of the Narcissist

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  1. jncthedc
    Dec 14, 2015 @ 17:36:14

    You explain a lot of behavioral patterns of manipulation I was unaware of. If people spent as much time on exploring honest feelings (both positive and negative) as some do calculating responses less personal energy would be consumed with negative outcomes. Thank you for sharing this perspective.



    • gentlekindness
      Dec 14, 2015 @ 21:01:11

      You can learn about narcissistic personality disorder by watching youtube videos by Sam Vaknin and Spartan Life Coach. Also Self Care Haven has some very good videos about narcissistic abuse.

      Unless you have been in a relationship with someone who has malignant narcissistic personality disorder or another very abusive, exploitative personality, it is hard to picture what the experience is like.

      You could also look up Machivellian philosphy. All malignant narcissists and pychopaths operate by this philosophy….the ends justifies the means.

      Also there is a good you tube video…I think it is called The Nine Traits of Narcissism.

      But watching the videos is still not the same as being in a relationship with an abusive person.

      If you have never been victimized then you are most likely safe. If you had the characteristics that the predators look for then they already would have targeted you.

      So you are probably safe but you can learn more about it if it is interesting to you…or maybe to be able to know if someone you know might be in an abusive relationship and why they stay.




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