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A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way Giving a Tub

A funny thing happened to me on the way to give my daughter a bath…..

I cleaned the tub….Normal

I checked the water temperature….Normal

I plugged the tub…Normal

I ran the water…Normal

I turned my back for a minute to check the towels..Normal

I turned back around to check how full the water was….Normal

The tub looked like Amityville Horror….Not NORMAL

At first I thought the tub was filling with blood from the faucet. I had recollection of the old horror movie Amityville Horror and so my brain saw the color RED.

Upon further investigation it was actually a weird color of orange. I emptied the tub, hoping that something must have been in the tub that changed the water that color. Of course I logically knew that was not true, because I had just cleaned the tub. 

I plugged the tub and I ran the water again, hoping it was my imagination….Normal , considering the circumstances….

It ran orange again and this time I looked at the water coming out of the faucet. It was orange….Not Normal???

So, repeated this a couple of times…..I do not know why. What would you do?

Yes, what would you do?

So, I went upstairs and told my daughter that maybe I was asleep and having a weird nightmare. I asked her if I was asleep and she said , “MOM…What happened?”

I said, “Did you ever see that movie Amityville Horror?”

She got wide eyed and said, “LET ME SEE!” and quickly followed me downstairs to the seen of the crime. 

I ran the water for her and she was like “WHAT the HECK?!”

So, she suggested we check the water in the sink. It seemed to running clear, which was weird. We went upstairs and decided to just wash up in our sink. 

At first the water ran clean and I washed a few dishes, to get them out of the way. I figured we could wash her hair in the kitchen sink. Everything seemed to be going fine with the new plan until….

Ugh and Yuck….the water turned that freeky orange- red-brown color that looked kind of like blood, and if you did not know better…you would think you were in a weird horror movie…

It was actually a little browner this time

Yeah…so then I realized that I had just washed the dishes in it. And what is it, anyway?

I don’t know.














17 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way Giving a Tub”

    1. We are close to NY…about an hour, depending on traffic. I have taken the train from the dover nj station to penn station and it is about 90 minutes with all the stops.

      I am in northern jersey. So maybe it is the same as what you have seen. So annoying.

      I will try the running it for a couple of hours if I can. The “loving relatives” I live with will probably not let me….unless I can convince my ex father in law it is HIS idea

      I might be able to do that. I would have to seem like I was not in favor…or it was inconvenient for me…then he might demand that I do that.

      I will try something when I get home from work.


      1. The home owner has to call. I cannot do anything like that instead of him. He would be angry
        I will try to find out something. It is difficult to communicate with them
        The water looks better than it did before. I would like to know what was wrong but these things are always difficult because of the people who I live with.
        I picked up bottled water like you said and instructed the kids to drink that and use that for brushing teeth.
        Thank you for mentioning the teeth brushing. It reminded me to tell my daughters that. 🙂


    2. It is all good now. Thank you for your ideas. ❤💙I think your idea of using bottled water in general is good though, since I am so close to NY and you said there are issues with the water there.

      I usually buy cases of water from CVS at tbe store brand price which is 3.99 a case of 18. The water has never tasted great here.

      Love and peace,


    1. I have seen rust before and it was a different color than this…but today it looks a little lighter than last night.
      I am not sure because I have not let it run too much yet.

      I will keep you all posted. It does make for inconvenience trying to get ready for work. And my daughter has a therapy appt tonight and really needs a bath.

      I do not like taking her their without taking a bath. It is a place that is affiliated with the state and they do child intervention…It just always gives me a paranoid feeling….
      I could cancel….we will see how it is when I get back from work at 7 pm.

      Thank you for replying to the post. It is a bit nerve racking.


  1. I’ve had this too in AZ. I have a huge tub that takes a long time to fill to a decent ‘immersion’ level. If it gets down to the lower regions of the hot water heater it brings up the rusty crap. But, grateful it is not blood. Yikes.


    1. Ok. Maybe that is what it is. But does that mean the water heater needs to be cleaned or something?
      It is funny now that I thought it was blood. But oh my God…for a few seconds that is what it looked like to me.
      It was late at night and I saw it suddenly when I turned my head….Probably will be a funny story for my 12 year old to tell about whatever expression must have been on my face….LOL

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      1. All fixed. They had someone come out to the house. I do not know what the problem was. I try to avoid too much interaction with them. It tends to work against me. But i am glad they fixed the problem.
        Thank you for checking in with me about it .

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    1. Still a weird color. I have notofied the people that owm the house. I told my daighters to brush their teeth with bottled water. I luckily had bought a case of CVS brand water a few days ago.

      I will let you all know when I find something out. …ugh….

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  2. It might be your pipes. I had an older home with old plumbing and sometimes the water would be yellowish or brownish when I’d turn the water on after not using it for awhile. It’s most likely rust or dirt from the pipes being older. That’s been my experience anyway.

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    1. Yes this is a very very old house. The pipes are probably old. They added some new ones when they added extra bathrooms but the ones that run through the house are probably very old.
      They did have someone come out and fix the problem. I am curious about what it was but I try to avoid too much conversation with the owners.

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