mental illness, mindfulness, poetry, silence, spoken word

Only the Sound of the Wind



No people around

Peace to think 

Only the sounds

of the beautiful wind

It was probably making those noises before

Covered up by the all the noise

Everyone calling

Wanting something

Endless demands

Endless interruptions

There is a gentle peace in solitude

If only for an hour

Late in the night

Sometimes I think


is my way to have a few hours

of solitude 

and quiet

The incessant stream of hearing my name

Knowing that I will be interrupted

That the peace will be disturbed 

at any time

during the daylight hours

It wears on me

It makes my long for

The quiet of the night

Finally here







Except for the sounds

of the

Magical  Wind

7 thoughts on “Only the Sound of the Wind”

  1. This piece is just perfect!! you must be reading my mind 🙂 I get up at 4 or 4:30 every morning precisely for this reason, it is my quiet time, only mine, all the rest are asleep… it’s when i do my meditation and in the summer when the sky is light at 4:45 I take long walks by a river near my house. such a perfect way to start my days. You work is wonderful, Michelle

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