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Flash Fiction Writing Prompt #16

This writing is for the Flash Fiction challenge from The Secret Keeper  blog. You can see the details of the challenge HERE.   The five words that had to be included in the writing are | COMFORT | HEAD | SPACE | MELT | WICKED |


Faith Versus the Facts

A decision had to be made as to whether to accept his words as the truth, or to confront him with the facts. She had always taken comfort in his honesty and openness with her. 

She gazed into his eyes as he talked, but in her head she was playing out the events of the last few hours before she met him at the restaurant. As he reached over and touched her hand, she remembered how this used to make her heart melt. 

The evidence said that he was lying to her right now. The female voice on the phone….the airline tickets….

She knew if she accepted what the facts pointed to that she would also have to question all of the other times he told her he was going away on business.

If he were lying to her now, while looking into her eyes, then it would mean that he was not the person he portrayed to her. It would mean he had a more sinister and wicked nature than she had ever considered. 

If she were to accept the facts, then she would be forced to re-write her entire reality,  for entire time they had been together. 

There was no space in between his words, as his continuous talking continued. It was almost as if he was doing this intentionally. So she took another sip of her wine to dull her senses. Then, rather than going over the facts as they were, she began to mentally re-write them and the meaning behind them. 

It was less painful to re-frame the facts to fit what she wanted to believe, than to have to change her belief to fit the facts.



2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Writing Prompt #16”

  1. Beautiful. The ending, I wonder if more people do that than not. Your use of the words move the story along. The ‘he’ in the story seemed like someone one would want not to trust but to get away from it you wanted an honest relationship. You have a good storyteller running inside your mind. I have read other kinds of your writing. You are direct and honest in what you write. Thank you for submitting a story. They are not as often seen. More poems. I do love poems but I also love to read the stories, too. It’s amazing how much of a tale can be contained in less words than in more. Hope to read something from you in another 5 word challenge. I will keep sensing out the 5 words and hope they are inspiring. – jk

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    1. Thank you taking the time to write that thoughtful critique. I appreciate that. I will submit again. Looking forward to your future writing challenges.

      To relpy to your query about why someone who wants an honest relationship would stay with a dishonest person….it is complex and you almost have to do an involved study of narcissists, psychopaths, codependents, C-PTSD and abusive relationships to really understand…or have been in one yourself. But I will try to give you something of a reply that addressed the core question as to why people stay.

      The predator in an emotionall abusive relationship is usually a person with narcissistic personality disorder or they are a psychopath. This is about 3 percent of the population and they tend to target women who were brought up in emotionally or otherwise abusive relationships. These women were not taught to have the same boundaries in relationships as normal girls are brought up with. They are also not brought up to be able to self generate self esteem.

      The predator can recognize this kind of target in a room full of people and even from a large sample of online dating profiles. They know what to look for , because they learned how to find the prey.

      The predator (the narcissists or psychoopathic narcissist ) then puts on a great act of being the perfect partner for the person. This is a whole art of mirroring what the victim wants, believes in etc.

      This is the “idealization phase” which you can look up on google to learn more about. The idealization phase includes a technique called “love bombing” which has several purposes but ultimately is used to hook the prey in a very strong way and to create a chemical bond with the abusive person.

      The true nature of the abuser never appears to the victim until after the idealization phase of the process in complete. They are already strongly bonded by that point and it is like an addiction of sorts with painful withdrawal symptoms, should the victim choose to try to walk away once the clues begin to show themselves.

      There is also a string brainwashing which occurs and the predator makes the victim feel at fault for any abuse, or infidelity which occurs. The victim is never really sure what the true reality is and they are in a controlled state by the abuser, who now can do whatever they want to do, including cheating.

      It is only when the victim somehow finds out or realizes that the abuser has been intentionally confusing and manipulating their minds, that the victim might leave the abuser. By then it can be more difficult due to other things that abuser has put into place to prevent the victim from leaving.

      It is a complex web of brainwashing tactics used by the abuser. You could study about it for many hours and for many months. Unless you have experienced the brainwashing effect some of these men can put onto your mind, it is hard to picture what it is like from the inside of the reality that has been twisted around.

      That is the nest I can do in a semi short explanation to your question. I know it seems like a simple thing that someone should leave when they see they are being mistreated, but they do not really see it in the same way a non- brainwashed person would be able to see it. They also do not see that they do not deserve the abuse.
      Have a good New Year,
      Annie ❤


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