mental illness

Pillow Talk

Annie's Poetry

An unwelcome guest

That has stayed too long

Dribbling on

All sorts of nonsense

Asked for too many refills

Topping off of the wine glass

Can you not see?

I am tired of your visit

Where is the reality and truth

to your dominating twisted world?

Posing as my friend, indeed !

In denial that I can’t see through you

And all your tired games

I am tiring of your words

Echoing off the walls in my head

Tiring of your agenda

Insidious, misdirected and unproductive

It is time for me to bid you good night

My familiar acquaintance


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7 thoughts on “Pillow Talk”

  1. just read through your 12/28 posts….very nice…I too suffer form insomnia and I am having a hell of a week with it…I enjoyed your poem about it….I call mine a bastard…leaves me weak and burnt out…only yet to come back and rob me again when the sun falls behind the sea….at least I am getting through that stack of books I have been meaning to read….sweet dreams my friend…may you find one soon…kat

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    1. I hope you sleep well tonight. You deserve to feel well. Sleep deprivation can cause all kind of health and cognitive problems. I am very tired right now. I might be able to fall asleep by 4 am, which would be an improvement over what it has been ;lately.
      Thank you for sharing and taking the time to say hello.
      Sweet dreams,


      1. Well, I did get a little sleep…I finally nodded off around 1a but was awake before 4a…so I am up having a hot cup of Java and sitting in front of the fire keeping warm…I think I will try to get a nap in today…I am hoping my mind will still as soon as I get settled in Yuma…moving has wreaked havoc on my sleep pattern for sure….thanks for the sweet dreams and right back at you…kat

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