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When Body Positivity Equates Body Shaming

Vertical Turd

   The other day I was watching an inspirational video on body positivity that someone shared on Facebook.  Of course, a bigger woman made the video.  Those videos are almost always made by someone double my size.  I turn to these videos to find reassurance that it is okay to love my body even though it doesn’t exactly live up to the standards set by people I never met.  Really, I don’t have anyone else to turn to.  I don’t wear make-up.  I’m not very feminine; I’m just a woman that exists within her woman(ly) body.  And that’s okay.  It should be okay.  But it’s not.  And why isn’t it?  I can’t figure out why.  So, like most other women, I like to hear/watch/read someone else describe their pride in their physical appearance despite the standards it doesn’t, or does, reach.  The problem with this is that I feel a bit singled…

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