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Red Flags of a Psychopathic Narcissist

When you are with a devil of a partner, you do not see their dark side at first. The really good predators are skilled at creating a shared psychosis…an illusion that you are two perfectly matched souls….destined to be together

When you are with an authentic partner, who has true compassion for you, they do not feel the need to state things like….

I have compassion for you.

I don’t usually have compassion for other people, but I have compassion for you.

Other people do not really understand you or see you. But only I see the real you.

No one sees your talent but me.

I am the only one who has really loved you.

I am the only one who could really love you.

You are so different from other people that I am the only one who understands you.

You are too special to be with anyone but me.

No one will love you the way I do.

You are the only one who can save me.

I would die without you.

You would die without me.

You and I do not belong in this world.

We are nothing without each other.

You can only do great things if you are with me.

I will kill myself if you leave me.

I will kill myself if you….

I will kill myself if you don’t….

My life was nothing before you.

You don’t need anyone but me.

Your friends are not really your friends. Only I am.

Everyone always lets me down in the end.

Everyone disappoints me sooner or later.

Every relationship I have ends up with them abusing me. You will do the same.

Everyone leaves me. So will you.

No one is willing to give me what I need.

I never get enough help from anyone.

People should help me and do what I ask, without wanting something in return.

If you really loved me you would not expect things in return for doing everyhing I ask you to do.

How can I believe you love me if you are not waiting by the phone when I call?

How can you do things for other people when I am so needy?

How can you do things for yourself (like take a shower) without checking that I am okay first?

I should not have to be there for you to prove my love.

Love is about you being there for me and doing things for me that I can do myself.

Love is being there for me when you have an impotant business meeting to go to.

Love is being there for me, when your friend or family member has an emergency.

Love is about being there for me when you have an emergency.

Love is being there for me when you are sick or sleep deprived.

Love is giving up all your friends and family for me.

Love is you knowing that my job is more important than yours, but that I not help you pay your bills.

Love is YOU paying attention to MEEEEEE and me ignoring, rejecting, demeaning, minimizing and lying about you.



10 thoughts on “Red Flags of a Psychopathic Narcissist”

    1. Yes I have been on the receiving end of that one. It worked very effectively on me, until I began to realize it was just a control tactic. We have been told so many times, especially if you read about mental health, that no one threatens suicide just to get attention and to always take threats for real.
      But this opinion does not take psychopathic narcissist men into account…or histrionic narcissist women….or even narcissists co-morbid with borderline personality disorder.

      I wonder of you have been on the receiving end of these kinds of threats, just to get an emotional response out of you, and to make you do what they want you to do. If so, I hope you are out of these kinds of relationships now.

      Thank you so much for reading. Nice yo hear from you

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      1. Once, with someone who wouldn’t acknowledge her borderline personality.The kicker was that we weren’t in a romantic relationship, we had been hanging out with each other for about 3 weeks before she left on summer trip to South America. When she returned, she had convinced herself we were engaged to be married.

        Long, long story short, for the next year and a half I would try to be ‘a good friend,’ but about once every one or two weeks during the marathon phone calls, she would blurt out to the effect “Well, I might as well just kill myself now.” I would then respond that I was coming over to make sure she didn’t that night, she would respond with “no, no don’t do that I’m not going to kill myself.” but as you say, there is pressure to take the threat as real. And had she actually committed suicide and I didn’t do what I could to help prevent it, I can’t imagine the guilt that would seize me.

        I was able to get away from that toxic relationship only when my girlfriend and I moved to San Francisco.

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