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Machiavellian Philosophy in the Workplace and Narcissistic Bosses


This is a link to the Machiavellian personality test.  As you read the questions you can see what a machiavellian philosophy is all about. It is an  “ends justifies the means” mentality. Success at any cost.  All is fair in love and war….using, abusing, injuring, firing, anything goes. 

Narcissists can have a Machiavellian philosophy. They lie when it will get them what they want. The feel that people will only work hard when they are tricked or forced into doing so.

Narcissists  manipulate people through deception. They will lie about their activities, their intentions, their beliefs, their thoughts and their feelings. They will make false promises, try to get out of paying people, promise you a giant payoff which will never come.

Take a look at the link I gave you, because you will be able to see how people with the Machiavellian philosophy, think completely differently than you…

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9 thoughts on “Machiavellian Philosophy in the Workplace and Narcissistic Bosses”

    1. I hope you feel better soon. I wonder why your meds are not working. I have to go over and read that post again.
      Meds are fickle. They have different effects on different people…and different effects on the same person based on so many variables.
      I take pain medications – 3 different ones not counting over the counter stuff…and different days are different. Sometimes it is the weather, and other times there is no explanation I can see that makes them work better or worse, in different combinations.
      I dont know what the answer is. I think it might have to do with our brain chemistry. It can be effected by all kinds of things.
      The level of dopamine being sent into our nervous system by the brain can change based on our feelings and experiences.
      The level of cortisol and adrenaline can be effected by stress.
      When these chemicals are being sent into our system by our own bodies, it must effect the meds we take.
      Don;t you think ?
      Sorry about the typos. I am having trouble seeing this screen today. SOmething is going on with my eyes I think


      1. My kidneys are failing. I go to Mass General to find out why Jan. 26th. I’m down to 120 pounds and not absorbing much of anything. My white blood cell count is extremely low and my immune system is nonexistent due to my kidneys and autoimmune diseases caused by Celiac Disease.

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    2. I am so sorry to hear that. It is very scary. I hope they are able to help you. It seems like a far off appointment that they made for you. Sometimes the healthcare system is not in a hurry to fit us in. It took me 4 months to see a urologist which I am actually going to today..weird coincidence. My problem is hopefully not as serious. They just want to find out why I have had so many urinary tract infections and why i was in the hospital twice so close together with kidney infection.

      I hope they can do something to make your kidneys work properly, without having to hospitalize you. You must be feeling very tired all the time now. It is a terrible way to live. Keep me updated, and let me know how it goes at the appt.

      I have to wonder if emotional abuse, anxiety and other things cause kidney problems and other internal organ problems….
      They told me that the CT scan showed that one of my kidneys is shrinking. I do not really know what that will mean but that is also why I am going today to the urologist. It took the insurance a month to approve it and then 3 month wait for the appt.

      I am going to check the directions on map quest now.

      Feel free to stay in touch
      Much love

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      1. 1 of my kidneys is enlarged because it’s doing most of the work. The other is only working at 20%. When I saw both of them on the screen during a test I knew right away there was a serious problem. The left one was just to compare, the size of a watermelon and the right the size of a grape. The reason the Doctors are so confused is that I’ve never had any UTI problems or kidney infections. I have not had kidney stones either. What I have usually is only seen in older men with prostrate issues. I always get the weird stuff. lol

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    3. The urologist today, said that my CT scans and sonogram show that one of my kidneys has shrunk a lot. He wants me to see a nephrologist. That word is coming up with red squiggles but I think that is how it is spelled. He said maybe the nephrologist can do something to keep it from shrinking more. I asked him what would have made it shrink and he said circulatory disease of some sort and that the nephrologist would see about checking that.

      I hope you feel better soon.
      Much love

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