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Shine and a Cure Bunny Pic


bunny edited

10 thoughts on “Shine and a Cure Bunny Pic”

    1. Yes my bunny is so cute and funny 🙂 I am glad to have him. My daughter rescued him from running in the street and getting hit by a car, last year. We took him home and once he got used to us, he is very happy.


  1. Ha, we had bunnies. Two for about 7 yrs, they recently passed away, old age, as they were a few yrs old already when we got them. Miss them but not replacing them, since my kids are older and starting to think about college soon.


    1. I am glad you enjoyed them when you had them. They are still in your memory. I can understand about not getting more. They are a lot of work and the smell from the cage can get strong. I love my bunny and would probably replace it while my youngest is with me. But once she goes off to college like the older one, I might rather be pet free. so I could travel and take trips. ..do things I never get to do because of the kids and the pet.
      Enjoy your time.
      Much love,

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    2. It is hard to travel with animals. Hotels do not want them and people you stay with may not want them. Leaving them in a pet care facility is expensive, especially for multiple animals.
      If I had to go to Baltimore to visit my father, I am not sure what I would do with the bunny, Maybe my friend Denene would take it for a few days,…
      I hope you are able to travel and have some experiences that are new and interesting. Life should be experienced . I feel very isolated and imprisoned in this house I am living in. I am basically confined to my bedroom, except for taking a shower and preparing dinner. Even to take a shower i have to go into the other people’s part of the house, which feels uncomfortable. And laundry is the same.

      I would like to be in a more free environment that I can move around in and not worry. I wish you peace and happiness.
      Annie ❤

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      1. I have not read your entire site, but why are you confined? Are you ill, or just house sharing? Fill me in. I live with 6 otherpeople, well me, David and the 5kids, but I LOVE it. I love a housefull. After my ex left and my son left for college, I felt empty.

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    3. My ex husband and I had been living with his parents. Then they decided they wanted us out and gave us no notice. They had been putting our “rent money” aside to give us back in order for us to get a house when we moved out. We wanted to buy a duplex so that we could live in a way that both kids would have access to us.

      They decided to keep the money …about 3,600 dollars and not give it to us. They have us 1,500 for the deposit on a rental house, and acted as though they had done us a great favor. I lived in that house with my kids and my ex for 3 years. He lost his job and stopped paying his part of the rent. I began to drown.. I picked up extra hours at work but still lost my car for non payment on the lease.

      Then after 6 months, he got a job and I thought he would begin to pay rent again and also pay me back some of the back child support and rent.

      At that point his parents manipulated him into leaving the house with me and moving back in with them. This left me still behind and with no one to help pay the rent.

      After a few months I could not pay the rent. I was so behind. His parents did this on purpose and knew I could not afford the rent without their son. Then they manipulated me into moving back into their house with the kids.

      They offered to rent me the attic for 700 dollars and then changed the amount to 1,000 after I had given my landlord notice that I was moving.

      I am now stuck here with people that are narcissists , controlling and manipulative. I cannot have guests. I cannot come and go without them prying, They get offended when I do not come down for dinner on the weekends….like it is rude of me not to want to have dinner with my ex and his parents.

      It is much more complex than that, but basically I am stuck here trying to find a way to make enough money to support myself and the kids. Most likely my child support would be cut off if I move, so I have to be able to cover everything without help.

      So that is why I started the life coaching business and have been studying hypnosis and NLP. In the mean time I have a part time babysitting job and some guitar students.

      In this house lives. my ex husband, his parents. his brother and his wife and their 5 kids, and me and my 3 kids. I am in the attic and there is no stove, no working shower etc etc….

      So that is basically it, except there is a long complex history to the rest. They are very abusive people and not good for me to be around all the time. I will find a way out eventually.

      Thanks for asking

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      1. Ok, I had to think about it, because it feels overwhelming, but that is ok, because I lived overwhelming for years and found my way, so I know you can too.
        If I were you. I would apply for assistance – see if I could get into a housing project based upon income, you will have to waiting in line forever to even fill out the application, but I bet you could do online searches to find it. I have heard the wait is years, but just to have that in place would be your backup plan. I would sell on Ebay, I do all the time. My brother made $100k doing it one year, selling car parts though, but you can make good money. Go to the local salvation army, buy clothes that are designer at deep discount, sell them for more, it will only be a $5 profit, but that adds up. Dont forget to charge for shipping. Also scout out what sells well – sometimes it is weird, like my brother also sells alot of zippo lighters he buys at garage sales. Keep on the life coaching business, that is smart, babysitting too. I think just making a plan is half the battle, because it gives you something to focus on – a light at the end of the tunnel. Once your out, consider dating because if you find someone who is good, having a partner is nice. Dating now would mean too much drama and he would be your savior, and you dont need to be saved, you can do it on your own. Ok, just a suggestion, your own path is the best one to take, but sometimes hearing options is helpful. Praying for some way out sooner than later for you!

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    4. Thank you for taking the time to think of those suggestions. The waiting list here for housing in New Jersey is 3 to 5 years, and if you are actually living inside as opposed to homeless then you are last on the list.
      I do have food stamps to help with food and I have the family care health insurance, which is very good and covers both of my daughters and myself.
      I am working on getting more guitar students and life coaching clients, and trying to keep my finanacial information to myself within the house.

      Thank you again for asking about me.
      WIshing you peace 🙂


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