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Is Suicide an act of Selfishness, or a call for Help?


I just thought I would share this gem I found online today. This post enumerates one of the biggest misconceptions that surrounds suicide and those who are victims of the disease.

As someone who struggled daily with thoughts of suicide, the idea that I am “only thinking of myself” and “taking the cowards way out” weighs on my mind constantly. These jabs towards suicide victims are internalized, sometimes making me feel even worse about myself. Being selfish is the absolute last personality trait I want to exemplify, and being told that I am selfish because of a disease that I have no control over makes me feel even more helpless over my own life. I can’t change who I am, and it’s hard to have the whole world hate me because of something I can’t control or change.

Disgust towards those with suicidal thoughts only adds to the fire. Instead…

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