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Lying to Make You Appear Crazy

Annie's Poetry

Why is it easier for you to lie?

Than to have constructive conversation

Why is it easier for you to twist

The truth with the lies to create

Elaborate stories that entrance

And hypnotize the listener into

Questioning their own logic

And perception of reality…

Why is it preferable for you to lie?

And convince others that my

Version of things is inferior to yours

Even when it should not really matter

Who was right

And who was wrong…

Why must you create a work

Of fiction that spews off your tongue

Like venom from a snake

Just to make me appear to have

A warped sense of reality

When you really did not have to

Take anyone’s side at all


Why is it so easy for you to lie

When the truth would be much simpler?

Or when it did not involve you at all…

There was nothing…

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