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Helping Others Begins with Self Love

You have to take care of yourself, before you can really take care of someone else well.

You have to make yourself comfortable,  before you can find the best ways to comfort someone else.

You have to find yourself,  before you can help someone who is lost.

You have to be standing stable,  before you can get someone off the floor.

You have to save yourself, before you can begin to help someone save themselves.

6 thoughts on “Helping Others Begins with Self Love”

  1. I still have a long way to go before I ever fully accept myself if I ever do. That’s ok with me. I get so much hope and joy helping people if I can. I’m not a Doctor or Therapist but if someone asks me a question I won’t lie. If something I’ve written touches them in some way it makes me feel that for a little while I belong here. I think that’s ok.

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