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Silver Girl

Post by Elizabeth Gilbert

Too much clutter

Good morning, Dear Ones!

So, I’ve been on a major de-cluttering bender in my life lately, and it’s been truly wonderful.

Some of you know that I sold my house last year, in order to move into a smaller place. In the process, I shed an enormous amount of stuff — including about 95% of my books (which caused my literary friends to lose their minds, but which has made my life feel immeasurably lighter and happier).

You’ve seen me speak in these pages, too, about the radically empowering act of burning old papers and journals (and even photographs) in order to rid yourself of sad memories and clean out your house, emotionally and spiritually.

You’ve heard me say, in regard to throwing away relics of the past, “Don’t let your home become a museum to grief.”

So you KNOW I loved this podcast that I…

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