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Depression Related to Childhood Mental Abuse

Depression can feel like some outer dark force is trying to destroy you. People with severe depression have differences in MRI scans than other people. But even though it shows up as a physiological illness, it often feels like something else.

It can feel as though your mind is being darkened by an outside, malevolent  force. Many people with severe depression have experienced mental abuse, even if it was acvompanied by other manifestations of abuse.

Mental abuse is an intentional manipulation of another person’s mind and perceptions of reality. It is an interferance with a person’s perception of themselves, their identity, and even their mental state.

People can be abused for years and never know it was abuse, because they were too young to understand, or the abuser caused a “shared psychosis” that made them perceive the abuse as something else.

Depression can feel like a malevolent force trying to manipulate and destroy you. This can be a result of past abuse that is still affecting the brain. When someone’s core reality, and identity is interfered with it does not just go away, once the abuser is no longer around to continue the abuse.

Adults who are mentally abusee by a partner can have PTSD for months or even years after the abuser has left. The abuser does this intentionally. They want control over the victim to last long after they are gone.

They engineer this in order to maintain a hold over the victim after they are gone. There are a few reasons for this, including reserving the victim on the back burner in case the abuser decides to hoover you back into their luves again, later on.

It also gives the narcissist a feeling of grandios power to have such a hold  over another human being. It makes them feel godlike.

Not all people with depression were abused, but many of them were and are not attributing it to the abuse.

But this sensation that the depression is sufgocating a darkness around you from the outside, could possibly be a clue that there was some severe manipulation to your mind, by a narcissist or a psychopathic narcissist that you do not remember.


6 thoughts on “Depression Related to Childhood Mental Abuse”

    1. Thank you so much for your support of my blog. I am so glad to have you here.
      Annie – gentlekindnesscoaching.com – Coaching and NLP hypnosis for overcoming narcissistic abuse / Visit the web site for more info or to contact me with a message

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  1. I know these feelings well, my mother was a control freak, loved you as long as you were a good little girl and did what she wanted, my husband was a metal abuser and controller, my only other long term boyfriend was as well and then there was the last man I loved, he was kind and sweet and loving and never abusive at all but it turns out he was a sex addict and was kind and sweet to a number of other women all at the same time so…. it is so sad how we have to protect ourselvs from other people, aren’t we all supposed to be on the same side? I am sad… love to you and thank you for reading and commenting on my poems, it truly means a lot to me. Michelle

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    1. If we come from controlling narcissistic parents, we are more likely to be a victim of a psychopath or narcissist as an adult. They can spot you in a crowd. Within a few conversations. they know if and how they can brainwash you. They learn where your weak spots are. That is why they listen so much at the beginning (idealization phase) to everything about your past, your fears, your triggers. Then they use is against you.

      The narcissist knows how to open old wounds of someone who was raised by emotionally abusive parents. They re-traumatize you. They also know that you will not recognize the abuse at first because you are desensitized to it, from your past.

      If you need coaching for narcissistic abuse, or want to try NLP or NLP hypnosis, you can visit my site at gentlekindnesscoaching.com
      Your brain can be re-wired from the programs and viruses that were installed without your consent.

      You can message me through the web site…or you can contact me at my personal email if you are interested in any information about coaching, NLP or hypnosis for anxiety, abuse, C-PTSD, and overcoming the stockholme syndrome.

      Wishing you peace of mind,
      Annie ❤


  2. Wow, your words make so much sense…. thank you. I now see that the last man was a controller too… I’m getting old, think it would be safer to just keep my life the way it is, no men, just my wonderful girl friends, children and grandchildren… they will keep me busy enough!

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