2 thoughts on “Abuse is Abuse”

  1. I agree Abuse is abuse. None of the abuse I suffered came from hitting me physically. But from really inhumane behavior. I was diagnosed with CPTSD and though I feel abused no one else seems to realize that I’m wounded, that his actions caused me real deep scars and wounds.💜

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    1. Emotional and mental abuse cause severe scars, like what you have, Because this kind of abuse is invisible, it is worse in the way that no one really believes you. And at the time the abuse was occurring , no one saw anything.
      Emotionally abused children are just left to suffer and their behaviors that are because of the abuse, are considered being “difficult”
      Then when our adult partners abuse us, they can get away with being emotionally or mentally abusive sometimes in front of other people, because they have us trained to know what they mean…and they can sound like they mean something else.
      They can come off as trying to be helpful and supportive, when they are trying to mess with our reality and crush our self esteem.
      Then when you act our against them., to try to defend yourself and stop them, you look like the abusive partner.
      Have you visited my facebook page yet? ..https://www.facebook.com/gentlekindnesscoaching/?ref=bookmarks… I will be posting more things about emotional and mental abuse.

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