Narcissists Lie When They Tell You They are Co-Parenting with You

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

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  1. hellsticks wisechicken
    Jan 30, 2016 @ 18:51:55

    my wife wanted bungee cords. I told her that I had given them away because I felt they were dangerous to have around our children. She sped off to buy some. A month later I rushed my four year old to the hospital. He tore his lip in two playing with a bungee cord my wife attached to the garbage can. She blames me



    • gentlekindness
      Jan 30, 2016 @ 19:02:30

      It is a terrible siuatiion. I understand that you feel stuck to stay in this situation because of the children.

      Being ( or feeling you are) imprisoned in an abusive situation….living with unpredictable, on-going mental and emotional abuse ( like the blame – shifting about the bungy cords) is the set up for developing not only PTSD but also C-PTSD.

      Especially because you have that added element of feeling trapped and unable to leave. You probably have C-PTSD now.

      It might help you to learn about C-PTSD and findvways to combat the symptoms. It will be difficult because you are still being traumatized regularly.

      You can check out my web site and get on the emailing list for gentlekindnesscoaching,com.

      I will have some helpful articles and some give aways for audios designed to calm the alarms of fight or flight mode, caused by C-PTSD from mental abuse.

      Wishing you peace,

      Annie –

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      • hellsticks wisechicken
        Jan 30, 2016 @ 20:26:31

        Thank you Annie –
        Sadly my wife and I are getting a divorce. I’m struggling with it – But I’m so tired of not having an emotional connection with her. I’ve learned recently (after 25 years!) that my being very emotional and an artist makes her uncomfortable. There have been times when I’ve cried and she became angry. Other times when I suffered she would somehow trump my emotions – or highjack or ? Last year my grandmother died – I cried and cried – my wife took that time to tell me about some horrible events of her child hood. Also, if I ask a question it’s as if she can’t reply. More often than not shell give me an answer to a question I did not ask. This assumed question and the motivation behind it usually emanates from what I call “the dark side.” Other things that I’ve never really understood – why she wont let me comfort her. She’ll rub her back saying she’s in pain but wont allow me to rub it? She tells me she can’t sleep because I snore. I asked her to wake me up if I did – she told me that she didn’t believe in waking people up! im shaking my head… It’s strange that we failed to connect but our sex life has always been good… often times usually following a communication break down. I’ve been silent treated so many times! She’ll walk across the room and not even look at me. Anyway, we had a therapist who I felt had no idea how her behaivior was hurting me. I know I should have “risen above” it all – but I just couldn’t. Being the source of people’s pain is absolute agony for me… Does this make sense? And – thanks for letting me vent. Our divorce has just begun and I’m trying to look on the bright side


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