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Follow Your Dreams

People will try to force you into a box. You are supposed to fit into one of the pre-made boxes of society. Your family may also expect you to fit into a box that they have assigned to you. 

You only have this life to be free and to experience all that you can and all that you want to. If you are stuck living in someone else’s box , then you cannot spread your wings and fly. 

The boxes are all the same ones that other people have fit into before. It just makes you a cardboard cut-out of other people. But you are unique and unlike anyone who has come before you.

You have can blossom and follow your own dreams. Listen to your true inner voice. Every time you push your true voice down, your authentic self is rejected. This rejection lowers your self esteem and self confidence. 

It is bad enough that other people minimize you, reject your ideas, and try to mold you into something you are not. You do not have to do it to yourself. 

The tendency to undermine yourself, and minimize yourself is something that was programmed into you by other people, when you were young. Any guilt you feel about expressing yourself, is also programmed into you by society and / or your family. 

Beliefs that you hold must be examined carefully , so you can let go of any beliefs that no longer serve you.

Your ideas are valid. They do not have to be perfect.

Ideas are starting places to create your unique path.

Your dreams are there for a purpose.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. You can figure that out as you follow your heart, your true thoughts and your real values. 

15 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams”

  1. I really agree with this post. It is so important to follow your dreams and not try to fit yourself into someone else’s box. When I was working at the BBC my boss said I was “a round peg in a square hole” because I just couldn’t conform to corporate expectations of things like arriving on time, or doing what my employer wanted me to do rather than what I wanted to do. Now I have the freedom, being self-employed and with my blog, to be a round peg in a round hole and I am happier and more peaceful than I have ever been!

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  2. Its all about me, myself and I when it comes to doing what I want, going where I want and being what I want…of course my husband is included and we share a lot of the same dreams and goals….so it works out perfect…..good post..kat

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  3. I had spent 25 years in that “box”…when I got out I was lost and confused. But I have rebuilt myself… and threw the box away. Awesome post!

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    1. I believe that God wants you to be all you can be. He made you with talents and special gifts for a purpose.

      It is easy to get manipulated by people into thinking that their agenda is actually God’s agenda. I have experienced many people who say they know what God’s purpose is for you better than you do.

      We each have our own connection to God. Other people do not have a line of cennevtion that let’s them know better than you can discover, about what your purpose is. But they will use that guilt, and your lack of self esteem, to shame you into believing that they are telling you what God wants you to do.

      You would not tell them what God wants them to do. So you can commune directly with God yourself and not allow others to emotiinally manipulate you.

      I know you have special gifts from God that he would love to see you expand. You are just a much of His plan as anyone else is.

      Much love,


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