The Real Vampires Walk Among Us


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See THIS LINK for a great vampire poem by K.A.E. Grove

Vampire stories go way back. They have been around, with many variations, for years and in many different countries.

It is true that the origin of Dracula came from Vlad the Impaler, a blood thirsty psychopath from history, but what about the other aspects of vampires?

Vampires are usually portrayed to be charming, intelligent, and able to gain dominance in any social situation. They target a specific victim that is usually sweet, kind, and naive. 

The vampire  learns about their victim and finds their weaknesses. They stalk them, and obsess over them. They pour all of their energy into how to lure their target to them. 

Once the vampire approaches their target victim, they appear charming and interested in what the victim thinks and feels. They listen to the victim and seem to want to know all about them. 

The game is on!

This is the exact behavior of the psychopath. There are 3  or 4 of them, in any gathering of 100 people. In a gathering of 300 people, there are about 10 psychopaths charming, and plotting against a target victim. 

They are not just in the movies. Most psychopaths are not serial killers, like the media and the movies would have you think. They are socially adept and able to manipulate others in a way no one ever suspects. 

You interact with psychopaths from time to time. You don’t realize that the person you are dealing with is incapable of concern for other humans, or any remorse for their actions which injure others. 

They are cold and  calculated, but they have learned to put on a mask that makes them seem normal, even better than normal. 

Every move they make is a chess move and you are a pawn in their game

If you are not the  main target victim, then you will not get their full powered attack, but you still may suffer from their manipulative, dishonest, deceptive behaviors. 

You may have had a boss that was a psychopath, that lied to you and told you that other had reported that your work was under standard, and then the made a hostile work environment for you. You may have had a coworker that was nice to your face, talked you into doing something outside of the rules, and then reported you for it behind your back. 

You may even have a family member that is a narcissist or a psychopath, and you don’t even realize it. It would serve you to learn the red flags of  narcissists and psychopaths, in order to know who you are really dealing with in your world. 

Vampires are psychopaths and psychopaths are vampires.

The stories about vampires come out of people’s experiences with psychopaths and their behaviors.

That charming man you met on last week, may well be a psychopath luring in with their acting skills.

They can maintain their charming  act for a period of time, but once you have taken their offerings, you will pay and pay with your blood.

Narcissisists and psychopaths will mirror your values and your desires. They are chameleons that can change their personality in order to gain attention, frighten people, charm people, or make people see them as the victim of the very person they abused.

Be Knowledgeable and Be Safe. Learn the red flags of abusive people. Learn the nine traits of narcissist. Research the characteristics of psychopaths. 

Your psychopath could be living next door to you.


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  1. Mary Cathleen Clark
    Feb 07, 2016 @ 02:36:15

    Insightful post.

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