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10 Things about a Relationship with a Manipulative or Emotionally Abusive Person

  1. Other people do not get to decide what upsets you and what does not.
  2. Other people have no frame of reference about your life, to be able to decide if you are being “too sensitive” or “hyper sensitive” . No…they just don’t get to!
  3. Shaming someone is not love or support in any way, no matter how they attempt to twist things around to convince you. No shaming! Don’t accept it!
  4. People do not have the right to tell you how to perceive reality or to question you perception of reality. No they don’t! Just say NO !
  5. You are completely entitled to your feelings and to feel hurt when someone is….. mean, disrespectful, inconsiderate, selfish, sarcastic, deceiptful, dishonest, disappointing, exploitative, condescending or minimizing to your reality.
  6. Someone insisting you perceive things the way they tell you to all the time is gaslighting you.
  7. You have the right to a conversation with a loved one about abusive or hurtful behavior. You are not being abusive to them when you point out behavior that hurts you and express your feelings about that behavior!!!
  8. Conversations about your feelings that always turn around somehow to be about their feelings, is a red flag of narcissistic abuse.
  9. No demeaning behavior, embarrassing you, disresectful behavior or condescending attitudes have to be tolerated. It does not prove that you love them…it is just evidence that you have been desensitized to that kind of treatment.
  10. Excuses for their behavior that make you the cause of it, are UNACCEPTABE !

6 thoughts on “10 Things about a Relationship with a Manipulative or Emotionally Abusive Person”

  1. Well said!! Agreed… it is so important that we are allowed our voice, our feelings… it can get so silenced in abusive/narcissistic relationships. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with the world.πŸ’™

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      1. Yes you are right. The isolation is all pervasive. The narcissist isolates you from friends and family….and any time you can actually talk to someone, they do not believe you about what is going on.

        Therapists do not understand unless they are abuse victims themselves and there is no way to ask them that.

        Go to gentlekindnesscoaching.com to get on the mailing list for more info about healing and overcoming abuse….articles, coaching info, hypnosis audios.

        Wishing you peace and freedom,

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      2. Yes that is why I find it so important for us to connect here in Blogland…. also, because it seems that people who have not been through what we have, just can not fully understand…. Hugs!

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