Myths About Abuse Victims


Victims of domestic abuse are often misunderstood. People who have not experienced the psychological impact of what an abusive personality can do to you, do not fully understand all of the aspects to the abuse. There is more than physical abuse involved.

Physically abusive relationships do not start out that way. There are months of psychological abuse, brainwashing, self esteem crushing, fear tactics, and all kinds of methods the abuser uses to confuse and manipulate the victim. The victim is treated well at the beginning and the psychological abuse is slowly and gradually filtered into the relationship.

There are phases to abuse which include the idealization phase, the devaluation phase and the discard phase. During the idealization phase the victim is so taken in by the manipulator that they have no idea they are being manipulated.

The devaluation phase begins with ambient abuse which is hard to recognize as abuseā€¦

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  1. darie73
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 17:44:05

    I wish the fact that this happens to people not in a Domestic situation was discussed more often. My “best friend” and drinking partner for 12 years is a manipulative person that said and did all the right things to me in the beginning. After about a year of friendship little things slowly started to creep out. He would do or say something nice and then demean me in front of a group of people. We weren’t living together or in a relationship we were supposedly best friends. When I think back on those years I wasted trying so hard to say and do the thing that would make him happy, I want to be sick. I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way but I could handle the physical stuff way more than the psychological games. Bruises heal but the constant criticism and humiliation stays with me even now.

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