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Psychopathic Behavior Being Encouraged and Taught

I just came across a blog on another site which calls for people to train to be a psychopath. There are other sites like this, as if it is cool…or the best way to get ahead in the world. Some sites are very violent, and others teach more covert , Machiavellian tactics.

The site I accidentally came across has the following tag line ….

“Be a psychopath. It is better than no path at all.”

There are pictures posted on the blog I saw, and other like it, of bruised women. Images of men’s hands choking women around the neck. Other images on these kinds of sites show violent sex, which show women going along with degrading, dangerous sex acts. Other pictures show women being dominated against their will.

It is bad enough that we have 1 out of 25 people that are exploitative, psychopathic , pathological liars and deceivers. But now we have people making clubs trying to train people how to be psychopaths, how to exploit others, and how to crush down having a conscience. 

Society does things to promote narcissism.

This is probably because many of the leaders and the elite are psychopaths and narcissists themselves. They have no value for humanity or decency.

People in many fields are rewarded for manipulating clients, and finding ways to get away with lying. Western society is promoting the value of stomping on other people to get ahead. It makes them a good business person or CEO.

Many CEO’s are natural born psychopaths, or environmentally produced psychopaths and pathological narcissists. Exploiting other people just falls under the “Let the Buyer Beware” motto.

The psychopaths want you to believe that it is the fault of the victim, if they trust the predator. The psychopaths have no remorse for destroying people’s finances, or their physical and mental health. 

Crossing or exposing them can result in a smear campaign against you. There are may incidents of people losing their reputations, their careers, their families, and more. 

Surviving in this society is going to take knowledge of psychopaths and pathological narcissism. You need to learn the red flags of psychopaths and narcissists, in order not to be in harm’s way. 

It is sad, but there are still lots of good people in the world. Take care of your own family and friends. Don’t live in fear…but don’t live under a rock  either. There are predators out there. In addition, there are predators teaching others how to be predators. 

Be safe and love the ones that can love you back.

Use your energies wisely. Don’t waste them on vampires who drain your energy.

Your intuition will guide you. Your feelings matter.

Listen to your gut instincts. If something feels off, it probably is.

14 thoughts on “Psychopathic Behavior Being Encouraged and Taught”

  1. I have seen many sites like this. In some ways I WISH I could have some traits of maybe not a psychopath but a sociopath. I could be getting them confused! I see and hear people in public say whatever they want to, do whatever they want to and have no repercussions. And they DO get ahead in our current society. My twin would often call me a Sociopath because I like animals better than most people. She’s fake and PRETENDS to like everyone. I’d rather be real.

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    1. The terms sociopath and psychopath are confusing everyone because they are being misused.

      There is no difference between the two. There is one list of malignant narcissistic traits and it is a spectrum. Someone with 5 or more traits is a malignant pathological narcissist.

      Someone with 9 traits is a psychopath. I dont know where people got the term sociopath. It is not in the DMV…so it not a term used in psychology or in the manual.

      Maybe individual psychiatrists like the term sociopath because it sounds less bad than psychopath, but anyone with between 5 and 9 traits of the psychopathy list is a dangerous person for your mental health and otherwise too.

      I can send you a link or you can go to youtube to watch the video….. The Nine Traits of a Psychopath.


    1. Yes, it is disturbing to wonder who is following these people, and what their purposes are for wanting to learn how to target victims. How much of this will end in violent behavior and victim crimes.
      It is a frightening world with many people unaware of it.

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    1. 1 in 25 people has a psychopathic personality disorder….no conscience, no humanity….but they can imitate regular people in order to blend in.
      Learning how to recognize them is a survival skill.
      Much love ,


  2. My David said there was some rape club website on the news this week (I stopped watching the news so I hadn’t heard). What i have realized is there is all kinds of weird psychos out there, the web brings them together and they feed each other, making it seem alright to do unlawful it amoral things. They encourage each other to actions so they feel justified for what they do themselves. It’s so mind blowing to me. My ex is on a site that promotes sex with strippers, how to get away with it, how to convince them, how much to pay, which girls are best, what clubs to go to for the best action. Most of the forum is doing this & encouraging others to do it married or not. How to steal from your family to pay for it. Weird but true people out there.

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