#narcissism, #narcissistic personality disorder, emotional abuse, mental illness

The Darkness that Blankets Them

Sleep deprived 




Engulfs his heart

She was Insidious

She twisted his reality

She tortured his mind

Now she is gone

Without a goodbye

Without any closure

Sleep deprived

No appetite

Spiraling down

Deep and deeper

An angel will come

But not just now…

He has to stand up

And push his way out


Without any love

But one day she will some

The angel that is waiting

In a pit of her own

That a monster trapped her in

One day they will climb

Each one in their turn…

Out of the dark tunnels

That the monsters threw them into

That is when they will see

Each other waiting

To comfort and soothe

But only after they move…

Out of their deep darkness

Where No One Can Find Them

Too deep to be heard

Or to hear anyone else

Time will lift them out

Thoughtfulness will bring truth

And vision of light

Beautiful enough to break

Through the darkness

that blankets them

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