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Socialized Psychopaths

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

psychopath socialized

Image by Dr. David McDermott

Psychopaths are 1 in 25 people. That is a high number.

They are disguised as regular people….pillars of the community….coaches of your kid’s sports team….pastors of your church….your therapist….the local police officer….your surgeon…..your date from…

Learn the signs of psychopaths. Educate yourself about the red flags, their tactics, and the way they manipulate their prey. They think with their reptilian brain….you are the prey and they are the predator. 

Psychopaths only blend in because people do not know what they are looking at, and they dismiss the signs even when they are right in front of them. 

Stay safe and keep your kids safe. Psychopaths can be charming and they know how to press your emotional buttons. They get into your mind by eliciting emotional reactions from you. 

These are people that you do not want to allow into your life. Once they…

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3 thoughts on “Socialized Psychopaths”

    1. Nice to hear from you. You are right . It is something people need to learn more about. I think the psychopaths and narcissists at the high positions try to make sure that information about narcissism and psychopaths is not being given to the public. The psychopaths do not want people to be able to identify them. The media just covers the bad guys as if they are all mentally ill. The idea of personality disordered is not given out to the public.

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      1. I agree completely. In my own case, I am painfully aware that I was at times discredited, at others never mentioned. This makes my efforts to engage conversation and to give facts about help and professionals an uphill battle.


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