Gaslighting Poem entitled “AND I CRIED” …Spoken Word Poetry

Annie's Poetry

You came into my life like a bright light 

and filled my world with hope and friendship

I felt stable and strong 

Our love made us both stronger 

more creative, more inventive

better to face the world together

I never had such hope for myself and my life

I never believed in humanity and it’s goodness

so much before I had you


Tears of Joy 

and Relief

that I had someone

who actually understood me and

loved me for myself

and who I am inside


All at once

You began

to criticize and blame

Placed GUILT and SHAME

upon my unsuspecting mind


You denied that it was happening

and said it was MY brain

gone amuck 

gone fishing

gone crazy

(I wondered …

if you were right?)

Was my brain leaving my head?

Was I better off dead?

Like you said…


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