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Psychopaths and Narcissists in Society

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

This is a very good video about psychopaths in society. The thing that struck me about this movie is when they were interviewing people on the street about the word psychopath. 

The only thing that most people think about the word psychopath is “crazy”. Most people assume they would know if someone were a 
crazy psychopath” if they were to run into one. 

Every day people interact with psychopaths at work, in school. in the community and in their family and social settings. They do not recognize the psychopath, even when they are right in front of them, telling them that their suit is perfect and that they look phenomenal.

Psychopaths can be charming and complementary to anyone who that they feel would be of some use to them. People are pawns. tools and characters in the psychopath’s play, that write as they wish. 

Psychopath’s can seem like the “pillar…

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6 thoughts on “Psychopaths and Narcissists in Society”

  1. Sometimes i am stunned by psychopaths and the way they can easily manipulate other people.. In a scientific perspective it is even interesting.. I wonder if they do this with awareness or unawareness..


    1. The techniques of persuasion and mind control are readily available on the internet. Prior to the internet people could get books and audios to learn it.
      The higher level psychopaths probably study techniques of gaslighting, persuasion, conversational hypnosis etc.
      The ones that dont study it just use basic deception and lies to manipulate people.
      Most people do not spend their entire day lying and finding ways to triangulate people. So the psychopaths get good at it because it is the main focus of their lives. Having no compassion, empathy or remorse gives them advantages at being very good at manipulating people by pretending to be their friend or pretending to be in love with them.
      Victims do not think anyone would get into their life and be a part of it, with the sole purpose of cutting the legs from under them. When people are not looking for it, they do not see it.
      It is just the way the psychopath gets through their day all the time. Anyone gets very good at something they practice and focus all their energy on.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I can send you a few links if you are interested in the techniques they use. If you know what they are then you have a chance to recognize them when they are being used on you.

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    2. All of these techniques can be used for good (like healing from abuse or phobias)…or they can be used with malicious intent. I do hypnosis with my clients, but voluntarily and with the intention of helping them. Psychopaths use conversational hypnosis to manipulate and put in :suggestions” that are for their own agenda.

      Pacing and leading is one technique that is used by manipulative people. It us also used in advertising. Once you learn about this, you might notice that you are recognizing its use in advertising. ANother one used in advertising is repetition. The more times you hear the same thought, no matter how resistant you first may have been, the more it starts to make more sense and your brain comes to believe it.

      This is a link to a web site called Mind Whirl

      Here are some videos

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    3. Let me know when you get the info I sent you. If you start with these, then you can find other info from these people. David Snyder is a great NLP teacher. Like I said, it can be used by good people for good …or it can be used in bad ways. The NLP is neither good nor evil in itself.
      One web site is NLP planet.
      Dantalion Jones has other vidoes on youtube, So you can check out the other ones .
      You can also look up Richard Bandler

      Other things to look up are “Mirroring” and “gaslighting” and “Persuasion techniques”

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