#narcissism, mental illness

Persuasion and Domination Used by Manipulative People

This is a video that shows how someone can use manipulative tactics to control a conversation, influence someone else’s ideas, and make someone appear to be non-credible to other people. 

The techniques exposed in this video are

Mind influence

Disrespecting the person’s research and facts by repeating “That’s YOUR opinion” 

Asking yes or no questions when someone is trying to explain something. Designing the yes or no question in a way that will make them say something they do not mean.

Interrupting in key places to redirect you

Using body  language to minimize you

Blame shifting – like making you look rude, when they are actually the one being rude

Refusing to allow you to answer a question they just asked you

Rushing you, while interrupting you from respoding

Discrediting and disrupting

Changing what you say and mean,  by repeating it back incorrectly

Refusing to hear evidence, and calling something opinion that you have facts to back up

Gestures to take away your self esteem 

Gestures and other body language to bypass  your critical factor

It is important to understand ways in which people try to manipulate your words and your message. There are people that you will deal with in your life that will use these tactics to try to redirect you, and to alter the meaning of what you are saying, as if you mean something else. 

 Jonathan Adampants gives a full in-depth analysis of the mind manipulation and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques utilized by Fox News anchors Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes during an interview with Kevin Barrett about 9/11.

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming has many good uses. It can be used by good intentioned people to help others. It can be used to overcome phobias and other kinds of healing.

But as with so many things, it can be used for good by good people, or it can be used with malicious intent to control people without their consent.

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