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Artistic Expressions of Depression



3 thoughts on “Artistic Expressions of Depression”

  1. Thanks so much for including my video in your post. I produced that video so long ago sometimes I forget it’s still on YouTube!. BTW Love your blog, you are struggling with the same healing journey as myself. Deb

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  2. I apologize, I should have read your “About Me” first. This is a unique blog whereby you are coaching instead of posting your journey. I still struggle at times with PTSD for child sexual abuse, yet now I’m finding the root cause stems from the emotional abuse inflicted by my narcissistic mother. I’m in therapy currently and dealing with this issue has been the most difficult, wondering which was worse, the emotional or the sexual. Deb

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    1. Well you were right also. I am still on the healing journey, in addition to coaching about the things I have learned. I am not sure the healing ever really reaches an end. We can learn to heal old emotional wounds to a point, but things can trigger them and people can re-traumatize us.
      Thank you for reading my blog. I am glad you were happy with the video being posted. You can also see my videos on YouTube, when you get time. I have different topics about narcissistic abuse, healing, and C-PTSD from childhood abuse and partner abuse.


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