Amy Cuddy Body Postures and Self Confidence

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist that researches body language in relation to self esteem and social power. Her studies have found that confidence and assertiveness can be activated by taking on certain body postures. 

Testosterone will actually raise in the body when someone poses in a high – power pose. Low power poses produce other chemicals such as cortisol, which is the stress hormone. 

It works both ways that people with high levels of testosterone and that feel confident at the time will take on power postures in social situations. Amy Cuddy has found that people do better in job interviews if they pose in power poses prior to the interview. 

Power postures are expansive.

The body expands to take up space. Lower power postures are enclosed, and the body is crunched in to take up very little space.

If you are sitting in a low power posture for 15 minutes while you are waiting for an interview you will not feel as confident, nor will you project confidence to the interviewer. 

I recommend watching this video with Amy Cuddy. She is fun to listen to and her information is amazing. You can practice power postures alone in your bedroom, or in the bathroom before going into a stressful situation like an interview, or something that is triggering to your anxiety.

I think this information can be helpful to people that are dealing with narcissists in their lives.

If you have to speak face to face with a manipulative person you can take on power poses in order not to be dominated over during the interaction. They will try to take on the greater power pose, so you may end up with a battle of wits, but you will off balance them.

If someone you are used to dealing with expects you to be intimidated by them, then taking on a power pose during a conversation will off-balance their tactics against you. If you catch them off guard with your body language they will have trouble regaining their dominance, especially if other people are in the room. Just refuse to stand down, even if you have to stand while they are sitting. 

***As always., if you are interacting with someone who could become violent or hurt you in any kind of way, please do not use these postures to aggravate them. Your safety is always the first priority, as is the safety of your children. 

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