Negative Findings are Still Findings of Value

“A negative finding is still a finding of value. “

from the tv series called Numbers ….

In the tv show called Numbers one of my favorite characters, Larry….reassures Charlie (the main character) that even though he found that there was no mathematical backing for the current FBI theory related to the case, the fact that it was negative had value in itself. 

When we go through life we often try things that do not work. Our theories do not always prove to be correct. Our beliefs that we have held for years are not always correct. People we choose to believe in sometimes deceive us. 

When we find that something does not work, we have still discovered something of value. We can think of it as a scientist trying variables for an experiment.

As you know, one definition of insanity is “continuing to keep doing the same thing, even though it does not work.”

If someone turns out to be someone completely different than we thought they were, we know have learned that our methods for evaluating people’s character need to be tweaked.

There is always something we can learn and improve about ourselves.

Our core beliefs can always be re-assessed in order to make sure they are still serving us.

I could not find anything on YouTube with the particular scene that quote was from, but here are some scenes from the show. This is my current favorite Netflix show to binge watch !

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