2 thoughts on “Myths about child sexual abuse”

  1. There is one more thing I would add to this list:

    MYTH: The abused should stay silent about their past, forgive and forget, because that is what their religion/belief system advocates.

    TRUTH: The abused should speak up-especially if it is passed down to your own children by a sexual perpetrator from your generation. This way, your children can begin to heal the trauma that they have buried deep inside their minds.

    I for one, who recalls bits and pieces, can’t seem to put the whole picture together due to the fact that my mother refuses to speak on such issues. I can only recall a few things that I know happened to me, some of it however, I can’t be certain of due to the fact I have sz and all my parents have to say is that I’m having persecutory delusions and am paranoid.

    It’s a frustrating position to be in to say the least…

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