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Resist Becoming Drones and Robots

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Physical touch is something that we are wired to need. Infants will die without physical contact. If they are neglected as infants and only receive minimal contact, just to feed them and put them back down, it can cause early mental trauma. 

Children need physical affection, as well as words of affirmation and verbal affection. Neglected children are denied healthy physical touch, and this can result in various mental disorders and post traumatic stress. 

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As adults, the need for loving, caring physical touch is still there. People who have been sexually abused, or otherwise traumatized sometimes find physical touch triggering, and if that it the case, their boundaries should be respected. But most everyone else feels lonely during long periods of being alone, or not experiencing any caring touch from other humans.

It is a tricky topic to discuss because everyone lives in their own situation, for a variety of reasons. Some people seek out their physical touch by going to bars and sleeping with strangers. This is not for everyone, and probably does not really fill the hole within them that desires closeness with another human. 

I have no judgement for those that do this, as long as both people understand what the arrangement is. On the other hand, I still imagine that these people are still touch deprived, because this is not true loving touch. 

Our physical touch needs can be difficult to meet. Living in an unhappy marriage is one of the worst scenarios for having physical touch needs met. You are stuck with someone who does not love you, and there is no intimate communication that is satisfying to that need. Any sex is mechanical, or just for physical release, but has no emotional component. 

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People living in abuse situations are terribly lonely and their need for caring physical touch is often violated. Abusers use sex as a tool to manipulate and dominate over their partner. They may force sex when the person does not want it, which is basically a form of rape which cannot be proven in court, especially of they are married. 

Abusers will also withhold sex and use it as a punishment for not complying with them. They are in control of the how and the when about sex in the relationship. This can be torturous to the victim, who feels powerless and unloved. It has a crushing effect on the self esteem of the victim. 

Many people alone, or are single mothers. Just because there is no live-in partner does not mean someone is deprived of physical touch and intimacy. It depends on so many things, as to what happens. Some people are able to maintain a partner that is loving and they are able to work out time for each other. 

Life itself seems to interfere with being able to have energy to put into finding a partner, or dating.

Single mothers have the additional issue of childcare and the expense of babysitting just to go out for a few hours. Then there is guilt that mother feels about leaving the child, when they already have to leave them to go to work. 

But there is more to the problem.  Touch itself is considered more important in some countries than in others.

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There have been studies done, counting the number of times couples touch each other while sitting at a restaurant on a date. There were huge differences between the countries and cultures. 

The United States and England were the lowest number of touches per hour. The numbers were extremely different. Some countries had an average of 80 or 90 touches withing an hour. These include small touching of fingers and hands, while passing items to each other . This included shoulder touches when someone left the table and when they returned. 

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The US came up at about 2 to 4 touches per hour, compared to the 80 and 90 of other cultures. It is a sad realization that people in the US are particularly “touch starved.”

It is built into the culture to be distant and independent. There is distinct lack of priority for emotional  intimacy with each other as humans. It is normal and expected in some cultures for the father to hug and hold their sons.

Men are able to hug and express brotherly affection for each other in many cultures.  But in the U.S., men must be very careful touching in public at all, unless they are on a date. Even hugging family members is often frowned upon, depending on the dynamics of the family.

Women can get away with more caring touches with each other, as friends. But women also have be nearly paranoid in the workplace about touching men, even to pat them on the back for doing a good job with a presentation.

Women also need to completely keep their hands to themselves with other women, in the workplace. Hugs can be misconstrued for sexual harassment by onlookers, who can report them. 

The uptight nature of society, combined with the competitive, narcissistic ideals, has emotionally isolated many people. There is very little community spirit in many towns. People living in the city can be living in close proximity to many people, but there is no compassion or support between them. 

As we “progress” as societies, we lose something of our humanity. People communicate over the internet, which is better than no communication at all. But people still need some human touch and emotional support from other humans. As we move forward, we neglect to look back to what things we might have lost. 

As we see ourselves as the better country, we neglect to see the things of value that “lesser” countries have, that are built into their culture. Humans are not robots. We are not appliances !

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There is an invisible control grid, perpetuated by the media, that is manipulating the minds of people, to cause them to live and work in a certain way.

The heads of most major companies and in many key places in society, are psychopaths who want everyone to work to serve their agenda. They do not see us an individuals, with independent rights. 

Corporate psychopaths control the media, the advertising, and the mind control and brainwashing of society. It is in their interest for people to stop thinking for themselves. It is in their best interest for people to become drones that serve them…too exhausted to even think about what would support our emotional. mental, and spiritual wellness.

If you do not take the time to be introspective and see what emotional wounds you are carrying, no one will make time for you. If you do not find out what your needs are, and what needs are not being supported, no one will do it for you.

We were not brought into existence to spend our lives being unhappy, without any real meaningful aspects to our lives. Most all of us have so much more potential to do the tings that we were gifted to do. You all have special spiritual, and emotional gifts and talents, that were meant to be shared with others.

The well being of individual people is dependent upon emotional support, and being able to follow our dreams, and listen to our feelings. We have been brainwashed and conditioned to ignore our feelings, and any  unique ideas that might be different from the status quo. 

I believe there is a spiritual awakening happening  right now, that is driving all of us towards a higher level of consciousness. The sociopaths (psychopaths) that are dependent upon all of us being asleep, are becoming aware that this movement is occurring. They will try harder to be more controlling and to take away as many of our rights as possible. 

The government wants to regulate blogging because it is one of the last places that individual thinkers can express their own opinions, and expose the truth as they see it. But the awakening to the truth of reality and consciousness will continue, in spite of them. 

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