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Alternate Alcoholic and Addiction Recovery – even Moderation

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A few weeks ago I had a strange conversation with a guy after an AA meeting. Ok, I know that strange conversations after meetings are more the norm, than the exception. However, this was almost surreal, because this gentlemen really hated almost everything about AA. First, he told me about his disgust with any Christian based religion (nothing too shocking there). Then, he explained that “people” in the United States should “pay” the price for their “Christian war crimes”. Hmmm. I did notice that he refused to hold hands and pray after the meeting, choosing instead to stand by the door with his arms folded. Next, he went in great detail, about what a crook Bill W. was. He said that Bill W.’s mistress and family had made millions of dollars from the publishing of AA’s “Big Book”. He said the book was plagiarized, and so on and so on. He was just getting…

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